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List of Lyme Disease Resources

List of Lyme Disease Resources

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Posted by M.A. on August 17, 2000 at 18:17:35:

If you suspect you have Lyme Disease, finding a good doctor and learning everything you can are the most important things you can do. I am posting a list of Lyme resources I have compiled. Of course there are many more, but I have found these to be the most helpful and informative.

From this list, I highly recommend getting the book (#4), reading and printing out Dr. Burrascano's guidelines (#9 he is one of the leading Lyme doctors in the country. There is also a symptom list and explanation of treatments and treatment lengths here), and logging onto the chatroom (#11 the people here either have Lyme or have a family member who does, and they are very helpful). Also, you may want to post questions on the different webforums (9, 10, 11). If inquiring about a doctor in your area, make sure you include your email address because people will not give out doctor names over the Internet.

To find a doctor:

1. Scroll down to "obtain a doctor

2. On left side of screen, scroll down to "support groups", click on United States, click on appropriate state, scroll down to that state again and click on the info there. You can contact the person in charge of the group for a doctor referral and/or information.


4. A good book is "Everything You Need To Know About Lyme Disease" by Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner. It gives a lot of information on the disease, symptoms, treatments, tick identification and prevention, and in the back there are other contacts. Most bookstores can order it if it is not in stock. You may also order it on


5. Lyme Disease Survival Kit Page

6. Lyme Alliance

7. Lyme Disease Foundation

8. Lyme Disease

9. Lyme Disease Network. Scroll down on the left. Click on "flash" and it is a webforum where people ask and answer questions. Click on "treatment" and it has Dr. Burrascano's treatment guidelines. There is also a symptom list here.

Deja News. This is a web forum with posts regarding Lyme Disease. Scroll down and click on "" To post a question or response, you must register first.

11. A great lyme disease chatroom is at MGH Harvard. There are a lot of wonderful supportive and informative people there. The address is:$/chat/index
You will need to register first, just follow the directions. After logging on, you must click on the "check new messages" button every 20-30 seconds to see the ongoing conversation. Also, if you go back to the home page, click on "Web Forums," scroll down to Lyme Disease, and there are questions and answers posted.

12. Lyme Disease Message Board

13. What is a Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction ( a common reaction that many Lyme patients experience when on antibiotics and their symptoms become worse or they get new ones) What To Expect While Herxing

14. Lyme Disease Audio Network

15. Dr. Burrascano's site

IDEAS-Bacterial Revolution Illustrated Summary

17. Lyme Disease Research Studies - Dr. Fallon's Website

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