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Posted by lance on October 20, 2000 at 08:06:40:

In Reply to: Little white skin around head? (please please read this!) posted by Young Man on October 19, 2000 at 10:22:08:

: Ok. Try to understand this as best as you can. Around the head of my penis, right after the shaft, there are little white things around the whole circle part. When you look at it, it looks like dried skin so to speak, and you can notice them more when you drag your thumb from top of the head to the shaft area. Well they don't come off, as their attached, because just once I tried to see if in fact it was dried skin, and I made an attempt to pull it off, but to no avail, it didn't quite work.

: Now when i'm limp, you hardly notice it, but when I get an erection, they clearly show. IS there any way to get rid of this? Even if it is normal, it'd like to know of any possible cure.

: ONE more thing, I realize that after masturbation, if semen is on the shaft, and is left there, it can create hair follicules, which I have. Well is there any way to get those hairs to go away? Even after washing my member when I finish either having sex or manual labor?

I'm afraid we might need a bit more information about these white things. Are they little white bumps? Is it a solid layer that looks like skin? Does it effect sex or masturbation in any way? Now for the other....semen does not create hair follicles. Your penis and pubic area will have hair everywhere, most of us have small hairs on our penises. If you really don't want them there I suppose that you could remove them by shaving or clipping......why worry? Its part of who we are, part of the equipment. Could you be focusing too much on what you don't like about your penis rather than what's good about it? Try overlooking those "imperfections" and think about how much pleasure that piece of your body brings you through masturbation and sex. Focus on having fun and enjoying yourself, be creative, try new things and forget about the little things that have NO effect on your equipment!

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