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Posted by Ian on November 02, 2000 at 02:13:19:

In Reply to: please help posted by Jas on November 01, 2000 at 08:44:45:

I'd talk with your own parents first, but you should not let this go on.

I guess you have a number of courses of action:

(i) Just let the boy's parents know that you can't find the time (or some other
acceptable excuse) to help them out any more,

(ii) Have your mum or dad (or both) talk with the boy's parents, or

(iii) Talk to the parents yourself.

I think the last option is the riskiest - the parents may get spooked about having their
child's behaviour discussed, and may turn on you - hopefully not,
but it is a risk you need to be aware of.

There is another issuewhy this kid is doing what he's doing.
You should be aware that children have "normal" types of sexual
knowledge and behaviours at certain ages.
Look, I'm not a child expert, but I do know that
age-inappropriate behaviours/knowledge are often signs of abuse.

I'm not suggesting abuse in this case, ok, but I'm just raising the issue
in case matters become blown out of order and the parents make
accusations against you. It's better to know that this might
happen than to be suddenly ambushed by defensive, angry parents.

Hope this helps and that I'm not painting too much
of a disaster scenario, and please be aware that this is just my opinion
- my inclination would be just to fold quietly and
be unavailable for future babysitting without any fuss... it's the least risky.

Hopefully, your folks will support you 100% no matter what
you feel is the proper thing to do.

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