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Posted by Uncle Mike on November 06, 2000 at 18:12:35:

In Reply to: It Hurts A Little When I Ejaculate And I Need Help!!! posted by It Hurts!!! on November 04, 2000 at 20:11:19:

I'd be willing to bet you're probably feeling a lot better "down there" by the time you read this. By any chance by "trying to hold it in" do you mean that when you had that super-squirting ejaculation you were trying to pinch the end of your penis shut to "hold it in?" I've heard of guys doing that -- i.e. trying to "plug up the hole"----NOT a good idea because the ejaculation still has to go somewhere, and you could perhaps rupture the tube a bit from the pressure. If you didn't notice any bleeding afterwards it's probably nothing serious. But I'll bet you just irritated yourself a little bit. As far as dribbling the next time, yes, that could be due to depleting your semen reserve temporarily, or it could also be caused by nervousness -- i.e. you were afraid of whether it would hurt again, and that reduced your level of sexual excitement, which in turn caused you to have a lower ejaculation.

If you're feeling OK by the time you read this, relax and forget about it. If after a few more days there's still pain, see a doctor. If you need a parent to take you, just tell them you're experiencing some soreness down don't have to tell them what you were doing!!!! But do be honest with the doctor. I really do think that you'll be just fine, however. And, do NOT worry...this WILL NOT affect or mess up your future sex life. Trust me, within a few days or at most a couple weeks you'll probably be looking back at this incident, and it will be a mere memory, and you'll be squirting and feeling nothing but GOOOOOOD.

: Hello. I just turned 16 years old. Last night I tried masturbating and achieving multiple orgasms (by getting to the climax and then letting go of my penis, then doing that all over again...). I reached around 5 orgasms until I just couldn't stop the last one no matter how hard I tried to hold it (like you hold your urine or something). Well, I have to tell you that I shot pretty far when I ejaculated, and that info will come in handy in a while.

: So, tonite I tried just regularily masturbating because I realized my hormones were still telling me to, and when I reached orgasm it was like suddenly my penis hurt inside. I know that it wasnt because of soap or anything, because I havent taken a shower yet. Is this related to last night's multiple orgasms? Oh, and tonite the semen only dribbled out... It didnt come out like it did last night. I AM EXTREMELY WORRIED BECAUSE I DONT WANT THIS TO AFFECT MY LOVE LIFE WHEN I AM OLDER!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

: Thanks.

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