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Posted by Keith on November 14, 2000 at 01:38:40:

In Reply to: adult circumcision?? posted by vince on November 11, 2000 at 03:13:48:

I have developed the following standard answer to questions such as yours. I hope you will find it useful and informative.


1. I am not a doctor nor in any way professionally qualified to give any advice on circumcision. I speak only from my personal experiences. Each individual is different and no two people will experience circumcision in the same way. I do not imply, nor guarantee that anything I have written will be necessarily applicable to any individual.

2. I have an interest in assisting people on circumcision only because I struggled for so many years in the dark trying to find to get some truthful information myself.

3. I will not to get into any kind of debate on the pros and cons of adult or neonatal circumcision.

Personal experience

I was circumcised at age 36 and again a couple of years later as I wasn't happy with the aesthetic look. I am now 44 and very happy with my decision. I am only sorry that I did not do it many years before.

To be or not to be

The way I see it is that millions of people through the ages have been satisfied with their status, be it circumcised or not. That should speak for itself. If circumcision were so fundamentally unsatisfactory it would not have lasted this long in mankind.

Much of the debate appears to come from people who have hang-ups about their abuse or mutilation as a child, human rights, sexual prowess or lack of it, etc. Beware, many of these people have no idea what they are talking about as they are either uncircumcised (and conjure up in their minds how dreadful and painful circumcision must be) or were circumcised at birth. Obviously neither can speak first-hand of the experience of before and after.

Circumcision essentially comes down to your own personal preference. Your attitude to circumcision will determine if it is going to be good for you or not. The mind is a powerful thing.

If you really want to be circumcised there should be nothing to stop you. Don’t try to disguise the reason for wanting to be circumcised by trying to convince yourself or any one else for that matter that it is healthier, or that it is for hygienic reasons, or whatever. If you just like the idea of circumcision, or if you’re just turned on by the thought of being circumcised, or if you hate your current uncircumcised status, just admit it and get on with remedying the situation and enjoy your circumcision.

If you somehow have to be circumcised, possibly somewhat against your will, like changing to the Islamic faith or like marrying a Jewess, and don't like the idea of it, you can be sure that you will find all sorts or reasons not to be circumcised. If you still go ahead with it, you can be almost certain that there will always be an element of dissatisfaction, and you may even join the ranks of the anti-circumcision lobby in time.


I urge you to consult any of the numerous circumcision sites on the Internet. Beware, there are many more against circumcision than for circumcision. Try to find balanced sites like ICIRC or go to Read the testimonials of those who have been circumcised later in life.

I also urge you to do your research on the various 'styles' of circumcision like 'high' or 'tight' or 'low' or 'loose', and to discuss these fully with your surgeon before the operation so that you get the desired result. Also check out whether you want a freestyle scalpel cut or the use of a clamping gadget. This will also have an effect on the outcome of your circumcision.

The underside of your penis below the glans is probably your G-spot. Decide how close you wish to be circumcised to this area. I was circumcised very low and close to the glans and I find it quite alright, but it may not be for you. Many people find it abhorrent to remove the frenulum for instance, unless it has already been torn through use over the years. These aspects can influence the pleasurable sensitivity I describe later and should be considered carefully. Remember that the further away from the glans you are circumcised the more pronounced the scar might be. Weigh it up for yourself. It's not big deal but worth considering beforehand.

I also urge you to research the track record of your surgeon. They all have to learn but why practice on you?


There are two aspects to pain – the pain of the cut, and the pain of the unaccustomed exposure of the glans.

The pain of the cut can be handled with anaesthetics if you wish. Be sure whether you want to watch with just a local anaesthetic, or whether you want to suffer the pain as a rite of passage, or whether you want the whole thing done under a general anaesthetic.

You can prepare yourself for the ‘pain’ of the exposure of your glans by gradually exposing your glans to the atmosphere. You may even try taping your foreskin back. However, taping is a very poor approximation what it is like to be circumcised, so don’t let that influence your decision in any way. Be careful not to tear the delicate inner surface of your foreskin when removing the tape or having sex.

The pain after surgery is not at all sore and can be likened to any shallow cut on any part of the body a day afterwards. It stings a little for a day and itches a bit for a day or two. You definitely do not need to take time off work or school unless you are an extremely sensitive person, or if you have had a general anaesthetic. Even then, one day off would be tops.

Despite dreadful stories of enforced and prolonged abstinence from sex and masturbation, you will be surprised how soon you can resume normal sex. No one can give you a definite period of recovery, but within the first ten days I guarantee you will have tried at least a couple of tentative masturbations already. The best judge will be you. Be sensible and be very gentle at first.

Your penis will be very swollen at the site of the circumcision immediately after the operation. The swelling will subside, quickly at first, then more slowly. It may take six months or more until you are totally satisfied that all the swelling and subsurface hard bits of tissue have gone. During this time your glans may become more pronounced but there is no guarantee that it will.


If you habitually keep your glans covered with your foreskin, your glans will currently be very sensitive or even painful to touch and probably more so when sticky (as opposed to wet). As your glans dries out after circumcision, or if you habitually keep your foreskin pulled back, you will lose the sensitivity to touch and your glans will never be sore to touch.

I believe that this is the dreaded sensitivity loss that you will read about in the anti-circumcision arena. It is true. You will lose sensitivity. A good approximation of what you will feel is achieved by covering your glans and fingers in talcum powder until it they are all totally dry. Then touch your glans with your fingers. This is more or less what it will feel like. Another approximation is to feel your lips near the inside of your mouth – the part you use for kissing and caressing.

If you are really worried about losing sensitivity, then I suggest that you may think of experimenting first by keeping your glans exposed in the way I described for a good few months until you have lost the sensitivity to touch. If you don’t like it you can always revert to keeping your glans covered, and I imagine the sensitivity may return in time. At least that way you have left yourself an open back door.

When the penis is erect, a different sense of sensitivity comes into play, which I refer to as a pleasurable sensitivity to arousal and touch. It is quite different from the sensitivity experienced when the penis is flaccid. One is pain – the other is pleasure. I believe being circumcised you lose the pain and retain all the pleasure.

In my personal experience there is no fundamental difference in the pleasurable sensations experienced during arousal, the plateau, the climax, or the orgasm, between being circumcised or uncircumcised.

Masturbation and sex

Techniques will change, as you will no longer have as much foreskin to roll up and down the shaft. If rolling your foreskin around is an extreme form of delight for you, especially when masturbating, then circumcision is going to deprive you of this aspect and perhaps you should reconsider circumcision very seriously.

However, many new techniques are there to be explored after circumcision, most notable the hands free techniques if you have a long foreskin like mine that always seemed to be in the way of things.


It is said that circumcised men perform better and for longer. I doubt that this is true in any physical way, but there may be something in the fact that your foreskin does not come between you and your partner. Also, if your circumcision is very tight it may have something to do with appearing that your erection lasts longer as your foreskin cannot roll forward any more.

Premature ejaculation

I my opinion, circumcision has nothing to do with a cure for premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is all in the mind and takes practice to get it right, circumcised or not. The more you abstain, the less chance to practice. The hornier you get, the worse you get. So get stuck in and practice.


Circumcision is definitely an enormous benefit. You will never have the slightest odour after circumcision. I would venture to say that even the most fastidious uncircumcised men struggle to keep an odour free penis.

Female preference

You will find as many 'pros' as 'cons' as 'it doesn't matter'. So don't let this aspect have any influence on your choice.

Summing up

Circumcision need not be sore. The wound heals quickly in a matter of weeks.

Masturbation and sexual techniques will be somewhat different from what you are used to, but no less satisfying or more difficult to master. The pleasurable sensation is fundamentally the same.

If you really want to be circumcised, and have done your homework properly, no one has the right to try to stop you, not your parents, not your doctor, not the anti-circumcision lobby, no one. Go for it and get on with your life, as you want to lead it. You will not regret your decision.

If you are bowing to peer pressure, or if you have any nagging doubts, then better give it more time or more research or more consideration. If you are still not sure, then it would be better you left circumcision for another day or abandoned the idea altogether.

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