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Posted by Joe on November 15, 2000 at 04:40:17:

Hello, this is my first time posting a message so bear with me!! I am trying to do some research because I am having pain in my left testicle which sometimes rises from the testicle around the left side of my penis(not inside the penis) and stops there but feels deep under the skin. It is becoming increasingly uncomfortable mainly on the testicle and feels like, for lack of a better term, "Blue-Balls". I have read some of the messages posted and I do not have pain running down my leg or pain in the abdomen! 3 1/2 years ago I had extensive back surgery and was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease. The very last disc in my back was removed and part of my hip-bone was removed also to make an artificial disc to re-insert into my spine and then a cage was fused around everything to hold it in place. I do not remember the exact name for the procedure that I recieved but I do know that it hurt like hell!! I was told by my neurosurgeon that if I returned to my line of work that he would be doing surgery on me again because I would rupture another disc. I have since lost my job because there were no other positions available and in turn lost my health insurance. I am 30 years old and was into heavy manual labor with lots of repetitive motion. I cant do all the heavy lifting anymore and thought that maybe somehow with all the heavy lifting that I was doing I might have ruptured something and it is just now surfacing! I am not a doctor and dont know anything about why my balls(or ball) is just now starting to hurt! I am not promiscuous and thought that if I had an STD that it certainly would have shown up way before now! Just before stumbling onto this site I was reading elsewhere and saw an article possibly linking Disc Disease with my testicle pain. I am curious to know if anyone knows about a possible link between the two and any relief that i may be able to obtain. I started having the testicle pain about a month ago and it isnt too severe yet, but is worsening as time goes by! It is just a mild to moderate pain at the moment, but I dont want to wait until I cant bear it to do something about it!!!! Although my back pain is something I learned to tolerate, I need some advice on the other! Any knowledge that anyone might have would certainly be appreciated more than you know!! Are the two related and if so do I need to see my neurosurgeon again??? I need to act fast to try to obtain a medical card or something if I would have to have surgery again, I am already in debt for medical bills which I cannot pay! IF THERE IS A DOCTOR THAT MIGHT READ THIS YOUR INPUT IS VERY VALUABLE TO ME, I FEEL AS IF I AM IN THE DARK!! Thanks to anyone who might have any knowledge or input for me, Joe

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