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Posted by Dave on November 24, 2000 at 23:52:08:

Just a little history. I have always been in above average health and condition most of my 48 years. I would always have off and on spurts in diet and exercise ... and I am (or was) always lucky to have the type of body that would respond to exercise. Over the past few years though, my diet has become less then desiarble, mostly due to work schedules and financial conditions controlled by a money hungry ex, and a system that is bias towards women here in Indiana. Enough of that though.

As of late ... I have put on some unwanted weight, (5'11" - 190#) developed a shortness of breath, vision seems to be getting worse faster then the insurance replaces my glasses (only used for reading), have developed a soreness in my shoulder (left), as if I had been working out and strained it, and now have a slight pain at times on the left side of my chest. I do spend a lot of time anymore, sitting at my computer at work, and am thinking that maybe the soreness in my shoulder is maybe from me slouching a little at the desk, and the angle that I sit looking at the monitor. I want to get back into exercise, as I am a VERY self concious person when it comes to my weight and looks, but with the sore shoulder I am afraid I will hurt it even more.

I know .... you say .... go to the doctor and get a check-up, and I just may ... but remember .. I am a guy, and we don't like to do that. And with me being single, I have no wife to force me to go.

Off and on bouts with depression are common with me as well. I am constantly worrying about my youngest daughter (7), who lives with her mom and my 9 year old son. Her mother seems to keep her sick, and I am always having to keep on top of those issues to keep informed with what is going on in her life. It's so bad that Child Protective Services was called by my daughters doctor on her mother, for not filling any of the prescriptions. This worrying has been going on for 6 years now ... and that is a whole nother issue!

Any suggestions?

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