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Posted by Jim on December 02, 2000 at 15:03:22:

In Reply to: Re: can someone please help me with this acne problem??? posted by Paul on December 02, 2000 at 13:22:29:

: : : I have this acne where its not too bad on my face but its just little spots and they are sometimes really noticable. I try facewashes and everything but they dont work. When ever i get a zit i usually pop it and i whipe the puss off of where it was popped, then I dont wash my face til later that night. Could the acne be coming from popping the zits or what? Can someone please help me?

: : I think that zits are really gross and you should try using clearasil face wash and clearasil ultra treatment cream (you can get these from the Drug Store), they will work after a few weeks if you use them correctly and avoid eating foods that will trigger pimples.

: Accutane is a cure. Yes a cure for acne. See your doctor. If he or she will not prescribe, find another who will. It is a miracle drug for those of us with severe cystic acne.
: Caution: the powerful drug has many side effects that most of us ignore because it works so effective on acne. However, Accutane is known to cause us to think seriously about suicide. If you take the drug, tell someone close to you to monitor your behavior.

Hi, I have read some books on diet and pimples, you do not get pimples because you body is short of a drug (accutane , or what ever). I am 62 and was still getting acne, I changed my diet and have not had a pimple in over 8 months + , the main thing I cut out was sugar, (no more sodas, beer, cookies , candy etc.) cut way down on grease also, burgers, frys, etc. (once a month or two between fast foods) and the like, give it a try for a month or so, our bodys have enough to cope with without adding drugs to the mix also. There is a reason for our problems, and our bodys are sending out a red flag saying HELP. There is a price for every thing in this world, and the only price you might have to pay to be well it to eat well.

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