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Posted by lance on December 12, 2000 at 05:50:38:

In Reply to: someone please help.. pain while having sex posted by Joe on December 11, 2000 at 19:52:26:

: I'm 17 years old, just starting having sex with my gf 2 weeks ago (i was a virgin) and I noticed that I'm in a lot of pain while doing it. I'm an uncircumsized male and usually when i'm erect, my entire head isn't exposed (i was told then when erect, the uncircumsized penis should look like a non-erect circumsized penis) with the foreskin pull back, but mine isn't pulled back as much, i really don't know if thats normal. (i have decent sized penis btw, so it's not that my penis is too small) But anyway, while having sex, my skin gets pushed back a lot and it REALLY HURTS when the head is stimulated. When the head of the penis just gets touched it hurts like hell. The top part is fine but the part where the skin usually is on the head, and is exposed, that's where i get the pain. My gf can't even give me head with my skin back a little(excuse me for saying it like that) without me being in pain.
: I can't have sex without pain. Reason is, my skin has a hard time pulling back and when it does it hurts as i thrust inside. would lube fix this?
: or could this be a yeast infection?

I'm uncut also so I think I know what may be going on here. First, its not a yeast infection or any kind of STD or infection at all. Sounds like you just need to do a little work with the foreskin to stretch it out a bit. The pain is probably related to the fact that the head of your penis has been covered by the foreskin and isnt used to the stimulation and such caused by intercourse. Don't worry, this is pretty normal for us uncut guys. You need to work at stretching out the foreskin a bit so that it will move down over the head and become smooth, this will decrease any pain and will actually make intercourse easier. Do this by taking warm/hot baths and showers, gently stretch the foreskin as far down as you can without pain and repeat that, each time trying to go farther down. Eventually you'll notice a difference, keep this going for several months and you should stretch it out enough so that the pain is completely gone. Your penis head is VERY sensitive and should be, right now, he's not used to the stimulation and such which is why there is pain. Try exposing it to the air and gently rubbing it to decrease the pain and sensitivity. Yes, you might try some lubrication during sex and you will want to use some as you repeat this rubbing and exposing it to air and such. Every thing about you is going to want to masturbate when doing this, and although that is OK, your goal is to work only on the sensitivity of the head for a while. Don't worry about any of this, its perfectly normal and your equipment is just getting used to being used as it is supposed to. If you didn't use a condom (and you should be!) next time you have sex you may want to use one and see if that eases the pain until all this "exercise" is done. Keep us posted, and remember, take care of that penis, its the only one you'll ever have. Remember to always keep the area under the foreskin clean and practice good hygeine there. One day you'll be glad that you're uncut because I think our sensitivity and foreskin provide us with a great sex life!

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