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behaviors and biochemical imbalances

behaviors and biochemical imbalances

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Posted by ronald dishinger on July 11, 2000 at 14:39:34:

you may copy my entire book free from my web you may also link it to
your web if you wish also look up on any search
engine abram hoffer also look up
also look up crimetimes( the fellow who has it has
spent years with biochemical behavior research there
are many correct answers out there if you know where
to look-we didn't know what to do either-we have had 5
schiz in our family and all are totally functional and
going on with life. we were truly stupid,ignorant,self
absorbed with our own pains much less recognition of
our loved one's pains-finally we got some answers
after much struggle for all concerned. there is a
spiritual reason why you have to see and experience
these pains but you as we will probably only see
behavior as good or bad and from that you judge your
loved ones. that is is extremely arrogant and faulty
reasoning and is a big waste of time and energy for
all. if i can help- 270 684 9233 correct
biochemicals first,including anything that goes into
the organism including food,air,liquids,thoughts-find
out if certain conditions exist such as brain
allergies from foods,find out if electrial stimuli is
trapped,find out about pyrroles in
urine,bacteria,fungi,parasites, etc get them away from
all sugar,gluten products and don't forget rye.oats
are also gluten,get them away from all dairy
products,food coloring dyes,food additives and
phosphates and sugar in soft drinks fruits should only
be eaten in between meals and not everyday -any sugar
eaten with a meal will take over all digestive time
and stop all other foods and liquids until that sugar
is digested and this causes stagnant foods and luquids
because ogf the digestive waiting time and then
fungi,bacteria etc -all from eating sugar at a meal
with the meal.- you should be having bowel movement three times per day.the fellow who invented gatorade bob cade at the univ of fla. took all of his royalities
from gatorade sales and spent it on his own research
into cassemorphins7 from dairy products. for example
some autistic children have 46 times more powerful
than morphine reactions at the synapsis levels in the
brain and we wonder why a autistic child may not speak
or react in a certain way.and stay away from doctors
who are not doing continuing research now since most
allopathic doctors in this country don't even know how
a cell functions.your reaction to them is extremely
important since if you use talk therapy or talk
yourself to them they are in fact reduplicating new
cells which also have emotions attached that are
harmful and cause even farther damage. the more you
talk to them the worse the cells duplicate. however
you have to be compassionate and understanding for
them so you must allow them to talk about whatever is
the problem for sometime. however you don't bring up
past difficulties at all period.try always to calm
their spirit which calms their organism and starts to
bring about new cellular growth even though the
damaged cells are either there as real cells or by
memory of those cells. we all have different levels of awareness or enlightment on many levels including physical,mental and spiritual. try talking to someone who is mentally retarded and see if you get through. however they may have far more spiritual awareness than you have. so please get away from judgements and harsh evaulations about everything in the world and get on with helping someone with a different level come to a higher level.for all the cells in the
body-organism it takes 6 years for all to duplicate
themselves into new cells-some are nano-second
reproductions and some take 6 years- also a startling
bit of information is that even though the cells have
been replaced by new cells the emotions of the
original cells is still alive and stays with the human
forever and i mean forever. if you are also so
inclined to believe in past energies such as karma
then you have even more emotions from past experiences
in different humans for past times. any foreign body
entering into the organism must be readable by the
cellular blueprint in our bodies. the body only and i
say only reads simple molecular
structures.example,there is a big difference between a
cooked apple and a raw apple because of its molecular
structure. when it is simple molecular structure it
goes counterclockwise into the center of the cell and
the next generation of cells is correctly duplicated.
however if it is a complex molecule(and if you have
ever seen ssri such as ritalin,prozac,soloft etc you
will know what i mean by complex molecule. these
complex molecules spin off their electrons clockwise
away from the nucleus of the cell-thus denying growth
for the cells and future cell divisions plus cause
free-radicals which then bind to other protein
molecules throughout the body and cause these other
cell to disfunction-all diseases have a cellular root
cause either by deficiency or dependency. Also all and
i say all diseases whether or not we are talking about
schiz or cancer have a acidic condiction at the
cellular level. disease doesnot exist withour an acid
condition period. however the margin of balance is
very difficult to maintain. get away from your own
pains and start looking for the real reasons why you
have to figure these things out. everyone since ova
and sperm has a an ongoing search for health and
prevention of illnesses for the sole purpose of intent
and purpose on a spiritual level .the body is only a
case to carry the spirit but the spirit can be highly
damaged by a bad carrying case-your body if you have
bad health. learn from why you are searching-there is
a reason. we know of 40+nutrients that every cell in the body must have-some need large amounts of this and that and others cells only trace amounts-there may be 500 more nutrients we have not found that cells need but these 40 we do know are needed in each cell.step one-the nutrients that are all
non-toxic at these amounts regardless of body size are
vitamin b1 400mg,b2 400mg,b3 3000mg,b6 2000mg,zinc
100mg,and vitamin c 3000 to 20,000md start at3000mg
and then add 1000mg each day until diarrhea-loose
stool is fine and desireable but not diarrhea-it may 6
or 7 weeks to work up to 20000mg but very important.
vit b3 works in the nadh pathway which then creates
trypophane which then creates seretonin which is
extremely essential to thought processes.take all
nutrients after meals in 3 divided doses.step 2 addmanganese 30mg every
ratio)efa(essential fatty acids)omega 3/6/9/ balanced
and gaba 500mg,glycine 500mg,lysine500mg and taurine
500mg allopathic doctors will say vit b3 will hurt
your liver-vit c will cause kidney stones-that is
total nonsense and shows how stupid the doctors are.
start readin everything you can get your hands on by
abram hoffer and doris rapp. check out quarry press in
ontario canada for hoffer. testing contact dr wm shaw
at the great plains lab in overland park kansas.also a
wonderful doctor who has had outstanding results in so
many diseases from schiz to cancer is hugh riordan at
the center for the improvement of health internationalin wichita kansas. for the benefit of your loved ones please utilize this information-ronald dishinger

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