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Posted by Elaine on July 26, 2000 at 18:42:26:

In Reply to: Whatever you do... posted by Kimberly on July 14, 2000 at 23:01:49:

: No matter how she reacts, love her, remind her that you love her, show her that you love her, let her be positively aware of your love. I am not much on diagnosing, but it sounds to me like bipolar disorder, which believe it or not, is very common in children. You should read about it on the internet, research it, see if the symptoms match up. I wrote what is directly underneath you, so I know what it is like. Maybe, this is just an assumption, abuse is involved in some form and she is covering her pain with anger and avoidance. IT's just a thought. Go with bipolar (manic depression), but if it continues to be a problem see a therapist, and do it fast. If it just started, these problems you describe, hopefully, it can be easily reversed. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a caring aunt like you to notice when something just isn't right. You can save her before the disorder progresses further. But the most important thing to do, and I learned this working in special education, remind her that when she is screaming and crying and being inappropriate that despite of all that, you still love her and always will. Don't ever give her reason to doubt that.
: -Kimberly, email me with an update! I have borderline personality disorder, which is sort of the same thing!
: : My niece seems to have some sort of disorder. She is 5 years old and cries and throws temper-tantrums for the stupidest reasons. She has thrown a porcelain doll at me in a fit of anger and has about 5 major tantrums a day. It has reached the point where I believe something is seriously wrong with her. She will be fine one minute the next she'll be screaming her head off and slamming doors and the next minute she'll act as if nothing ever happened. Does anyone know what could be wrong with her?

Gosh, I was trying to remember the name of what I think it is and it just escapes me! I'll post again when I recall the name of the disorder but it would be a VERY good idea to show your niece to a child phsychologist. It looks serious and I saw a program on children with similar disorders a while ago. It can be managed but your niece needs your help and soon. A psychologist would be able to tell you straight away whether it is a bipolar or this thing that I am thinking about. Sorry I cannot be any clearer, I just cannot remember the name of it!!

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