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Re: Sorry Kathrin, coast is clear now

Re: Sorry Kathrin, coast is clear now

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Posted by Kathrin on August 23, 2000 at 02:49:36:

In Reply to: Sorry Kathrin, coast is clear now posted by Kristina on August 22, 2000 at 18:23:03:

Hi Kristina
You ask what would your friends think... you know I think if they are good friends they would stand behind you and support you. Don't you think so? It is so sad that so many people think psychological problems are something to be ashamed of. Why should they be? Science proves more and more that meantl illness strikes just as randomly as any other illness.
Do I have this problem? You know what there WERE times when I had a LITTLE BIT of a hard time with my family, when I was anorexic (my mom was SOOO worried and felt so helpless, of course sometimes there were arguments...) and then also at times when I kept nagging them with my WEIRD fears I sometimes had (still have sometimes, but better...) But that was only at times, because i guess it is of course not easy for parents to see something is going on with their child. Usually though they have always supported me, we have had such wonderful, encouraging conversations... I was always glad I could talk to them, it felt a lot better than hiding my bad feelings inside!
My friends... well they didn't know a lot of what was going on... of course when I had anorexia they knew, but I think they didn't know what to say, they seemed very caring though, trying to understand even though it was hard... See I have good times and bad times. I have wondered too if I am bipolar, because I do get depressed at times, and at other times am very "up". Actually I am going to talk to a doctor next week because I think something is going on right now... at the university health center, you know, just to fgure things out.
Do you really think your friends would call you "psycho"? Of course you can still think about how much you want to tell your friends, I think it is more important to talk to your parents.
You also have to ask yourself: What is better, hiding and feeling bad for yourself, or talking about it and DOING something about it.
How is your relationship to your parents in general, I mean can you talk about other things with them, or do you usually keep things for yourself, or talk about them with your friends only?
Just remember there is nothing to be ashamed of... if you think your parents will not believe this is something biological, get them on the message boards and let me talk to them.... Hey anything I can do to help...
Keep posting ok! I saw that other people (well somebody) responded too. Probably many other people who come here can relate to your feelings. I hope this will all work out well...

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