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Re: Sorry Kathrin, coast is clear now

Re: Sorry Kathrin, coast is clear now

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Posted by april on August 28, 2000 at 18:51:32:

In Reply to: Re: Sorry Kathrin, coast is clear now posted by Kathrin on August 23, 2000 at 22:33:34:

Hey. I'm 15 and have been going through the same thing...i was depressed, a cutter, and i tried to commit suicide. It comes and goes. Last April i was out of town at a diving meet and i almost jumped off of a balcony. Luckily, one of my teammates stopped me. Anyway, after that some people on my team found out, and told my coach, who told my parents. At first they really freaked out, but after a day or two they calmed down and were ready to help me. Now i'm really glad they found out. If you want to talk, you can e-mail me at [email protected] Best wishes.
: Hey what do you mean, "if you could respond one last time", I'll respond as long as
: you want me to, I told you, I very much want to help you in any way I can... Since I
: don't know your parents (and know you only from a few messages) it is hard for me to
: say how best to present this to your parents, I can only tell you what I would do,
: maybe (and have done in the past).
: Best time? Of course when they are not preoccupied with something else, or in a
: hurry, or in a bad mood... choose a time when you know you won't be interrupted
: or pressured. better yet, I wuld maybe tell them in advance, you know something like,
: "I need to talk to you about something very important, can we talk tonight" or
: something like that.
: Or maybe you want to write something down, to make sure it gets out right? You
: know, just as a start.... one time I remember I went through a really bad time and I
: NEEDED to tell my parents what was going on, so I wrote a LONG "story" about
: what was going on and had gone on in the past... and guess what they were SOO
: understanding! But even at times when we just talked, generally those were the
: best times in our relationship, in this context, you know when something was
: "finally out", and they always responded understandingly (by the way it's funny I
: also in general have an easier time talking to my Mom... but just recently I had
: so many good conversations with my dad. They both know about things I have
: problems with now, and my Dad is so good at calming people, calming me when I
: am afraid of something)...
: Or what about shwing them these posts? What you wrote here?
: You can tell them that you have always tried to put up a happy face but that now
: you realize you need to stop pretending because you really need help. Please be
: very honest, I would tell them just HOW bad you sometimes feel, so bad that you
: have tthought about taking your own life...
: Look when I read what you wrote I immediately felt there was somebody in trouble,
: that's why I reached out and wrote back... if you show them your first post, maybe,
: or you know what, maybe write a similar post but that contains EXACTLY what you
: think is important they know to start with...
: Hey these are only a few suggestions... I also wonder what your parents generally
: think of psychology/psychiatry, what do they believe causes mental disorders, do
: they know a lot about things like that or rather not?

: Well let me know how you are doing, or what you think of these suggestions. Of
: course I will respond again! I hope I'll hear from you tomorrow... of course I
: understand if you can't make it to the computer, but anytime you make it, write
: again! (As I said you can also start a new thread at the top of the boards.)
: Smiles ok!!!
: Kathrin

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