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There IS hope

There IS hope

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Posted by Kathrin on September 01, 2000 at 01:11:20:

In Reply to: Thanks to everyone but posted by - on August 31, 2000 at 18:03:08:

Hey there, dear sothere IS hope. Yes there is. It might seem like there isn't, but there is.
Hopelessness is a symptom of depression. You have to acknowledge it as that. I mean your
post suggests that you are depressed. You don't say it in so many words, but are you thinking
of killing yourself? If that is so, please do seek emergency help. Look, you have an illness.
AND there actually IS hope. Sometimes it takes awhile for things to get better... as I said, if
you are suicidal, call a suicide prevention or crisis line, or 911 even. Let somebody help you.
You are not alone. I am sure there are people who care about you. The people on this board
care about you too.
Life can be so overwhelming. I know. Believe me, I know. I do know the darkness. The
hopelessness. It goes by, sometimes not for a long time, but it always does, in the end.
PLEASE do not the symtoms of an illness that can be treated lead you to do harm to
yourself. Please not. Think twice, no three, no a hundred times before you attempt to harm
yourself. What is it that you want? You want help, right? There IS help. Help is available,
even if it doesn't seem like that at times. This hopelessness itself is a symptom of
depression. Thoughts of suicide are a symptom of depression too...
HANG IN THERE please. Ok? Please. Don't give up. Gice the light a chance. Light after
darkness, you know? Day after night... daylight soo bright. It will be bright again for you.
Life has so much to offer. Look, at times I was so down and thought I would never be happy
again... and some time later... wow, if during that dark time I had only KNOWN how good it
would be again! Look if you hang in there, and don't give up, if you knew what life has to offer
to you let's say, a year from now, maybe you wouldn't even believe it. This is how it happened
to me. Had I taken my own life.. my oh my, I would have missed out on something! Something
very good. Life. Light. Happiness. All still possible.
Choose life.
God bless you

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