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Re: sorry ONE more thing

Re: sorry ONE more thing

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Posted by Kathrin on September 02, 2000 at 02:58:28:

In Reply to: sorry ONE more thing posted by Kristina on September 01, 2000 at 22:41:49:

Hi Kristina
never be sorry for asking me anything... I have been waiting to hear from you. I want to be
your friend and help you, honest.
An imporant thing to do is to try and talk to friends, don't withdraw within yourself. Depression
often leads people to withdraw... and that makes it worse... Is there ANYbody you can talk to
about all this? Any friend of yours? It sounds like it hasn't worked out well about talking to
your parents, or what happened? By the way was that you who posted without a name and
said there was no hope, or not? I thought it was you, but I could not be sure...
The very best thing you should do really is call a local crisis line and ask your questions there.
Look it up in the phonebook... there you can talk to somebody anonymously, and you may
very well get good advice... they have professionals there I assume, and I am not a professional
in treating depression... Help IS available, but you do have to reach out for it, take the first step.
Like you did by coming here.
Very very important, and I said this before: Recognize what you feel or think as symptoms of
your depression. Tell yourself when you have these depressed thoughts/feelings: "That is not
me, that is my depression." You know it is an illness, not a character flaw. Your depression
makes you feel he way you feel. Also remind yourself that a depression does NOT last
for ever, even though it feels that way at the moment (that thought that it would never go away
itself is also a symptom of depression. Depressed people think the darkness will last for ever.
It doesn't, but at the moment of depression this is very hard to believe.).

Neever ever be embarrassed to ask or write anything here. Never think you are bothering here.
I very much want to help you. it makes me sad to think that you are trying to battle this thing
all by yourself... remember you are not alone. You have an illness that can strike anybody.

What else can make you feel betetr... think o things that you like... it is often said that light
helps depression, but mostly if it is a winter depression that is brought about by the darkness
of the season. There ARE herbal antidepressants, I am not sure though how safe they are to
take just like that.. that is also a question you should ask a professional, at a crisis line, or
maybe a drugstore (but be sure to tell them as much as possible about your depression and
the circumstances).
Maybe music can help you? Poetry? Writing poetry was something that has always at least
given me a sense of... distance when I was depressed. A sense of... well, less emptiness,
because I was putting it in words...
It is very important to find a sense of purpose. What is going on in your life right now? What
kinds of plans do you have for your future? It is common in depression that everything seems
meaningless and empty, and it is hard to find a sense of purpose. Think of things that can give
you that sense. Maybe talking to somebody else who is depressed, sharing with somebody,
can give you the feeling that you are doing something meaningful, helping somebody else...
I have once read somewhere that it is hard to be depressed while we are helping somebody
else. of course the problem here might be the lack of motivstion that is also a symptom of
depression... but try...
Look try to talk somebody at a local crisis line. Explain your depression, tell them that you
don't know what to do... or have you tried that already? If yes, what did they say? You can also
try again, there are different people there... or even talk to the same prson again...

When are you usually online? maybe we should come up with a time where we could meet in
a chatroom somewhere?

Please let me know how you are doing. Never be ashamed. If it didn't work out woth talking to
your parents, don't blame yourself either... if it DID work out great! If not, do not give up, there
are always ways to help you overcome this thing...

Poor Kristina, sounds like you are going through a real rough time... but remember, life can turn
around fast... don't give up just yet... imagine yourself after this rough time, how good you will
feel again... honest, really, I have been at a point where I thought I would never be happy again,
I couldn't imagine being happy again... but I was wrong.
Write back again please (and by the way, have you read April's message? Go down to our last
thread. She ahs gone through a similar thing... and is close to your age, and wants to help you
By for now. Hang in there

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