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Re: weight loss - starvation diet

Re: weight loss - starvation diet

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Posted by Kathrin on September 09, 2000 at 17:14:01:

In Reply to: weight loss - starvation diet posted by Genny on September 08, 2000 at 13:26:36:

Genny, hi...
What you are doing is really really dangerous. Your body needs more calories than that, even if
you are on a diet. And even if you lost the weight on a starvation diet like that, what would you
do after you have reached you goal weight? Eat normally again? Or be so scared of gaining the
weight back that you decide to lose a few extra pounds so you will be safe? That is the
beginning of anorexia. I have been there. It gets really really bad.
Even if you are not emaciated (and you may be, as you sound like you are well below your
body's best weight), it sounds to me like you are already in the anorexic state of mind... or
close to it. It is an addiction and losing weight becomes the most important thing - more
important that your health, your life maybe. You say you are close to passing out most of the
time. You must feel that something must be very very wrong. This is dangerous, Genny. People
die from eating disorders. Have you ever read the book "Wasted" by Marya Hornbacher? She
describes very well what an eating disorder can do to your body - and how maybe if one day
you are really close to death you will feel like oh-sh##-I-didn't-mean-it-I-was-only-playing....
but it is not a game.
I was anorexic when I was 18, 19 (25 now) and I was scared that I had messed up my
metabolism and would get really fat if I ever started to eat normally again. Fortunately I can
tell you that this did not happen. My metabolism now is back to normal, I can quite a lot and
not gain weight. So don't be scared of that.
It is important to eat healthy. How long have you been on that diet? It sounds like an
EXTREMELY unhealthy crash diet. They do not work. They are dangerous. They can lead to
eating disorders. If you are stuck in the eating disorder cycle you will realize one day what I
realized a couple years ago: The choice is suddenly not between weighing less or weighing
more anymore, but between living or starving and leading some kind of food-centered half-life.
It is not, NOT, worth it. I had to realize that, the hard way. My pulse was down to 40, I felt
tired all the time, felt like an automaton, not really alive anymore, like an old woman, and all
I wanted was to really live again, but I felt so stuck.
You have to eat more than 150 calories a day. You cannot live on that indefinitely. Is your
clothes size worth your life? If you feel like that, you ARE anorexic, and you should seek
professional help.
Complications can also affect the heart. I feel like telling you to seek medical attention
immediately. I don't want you to pass out and die. it can happen suddenly. I am not saying
this to scare you, but to make you realize that what you are doing is very dangerous, I mean
to say life-threatening. Yes and i am also saying this because you need to see a doctor.
Better today than tomorrow.
By the way, 125 pounds is not too much for your height. I have no idea what your build is,
but an average woman looks slender at your height and weight.
Eat healthy. I am not saying stuff yourself full of junk and fat. I eat a healthy, low fat but other-
wise rich diet. I feel healthy (I am a vegetarian, but for other reasons: Animal rights etc).
IT IS NOT WORTH IT. I have BEEN THERE. If you go on like this, one day you will regret it
big time. Where does it lead, ask yourself this question. What will hapen if you reach 115
pounds? Magically you feel beautiful and everything's fine? Please I know and can relate so
much to what you are feeling. I know this feeling - feeling skinny becomes SO important, SO
SO important, it becomes our identity, we don't know who we are if we don't have our
thinness obsession.... find something else. Look I still struggle somtimes, but I have found other
meanings in my life. New dreams. Feeling ALIVE again. Please re-enter real life. it will feel
so great, oh I rememebr the feeling... suddenly feeling ALIVE again... not reduced, yes
reduced, to calorie counting and body shape watching and hunger and obsession...
It may well be that you need professional help. You really need to see a doctor, and probably
also a therapist. Look what starts out as a diet can so easily turn into a severe eating disorder.
And a diet of 150 calories a day is not really a diet, it is starvation.
Please please choose life over dieting!!!

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