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Re: How would you describe my personality ?

Re: How would you describe my personality ?

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Posted by Kathrin on November 13, 2000 at 02:34:48:

In Reply to: How would you describe my personality ? posted by David Hill on November 12, 2000 at 04:42:46:

I don't know if I could answer the question, how to describe your personality, but what i can say is I can relate to a lot of the stuff you are talking about. I am a little younger than you (26 in december). What i can really relate to is the being ridiculed at school stuff. For me it was especially bad at middle school, I mean ages 13-15 (I was born in Switzerland so the system is a little different I think). It was really bad, they told me I didn't belong, they told me I was ugly, etc, and i stared believing it (now people tell me I am pretty, weird huh?:) When i changed to high school I also ahd that "clean slate" hope, but in the beginning it seemd like it was going to get almost as bad again... there were some of the same people, but that was not the reason. the reason was my sefl-confidence by that time was so low!!! I actually was afraid to looik people in the eyes because I thought, if they look at me they will think I am ugly.
Well at one point I started not caring so much anymore and started spening more time with a girl who went to another class and was very shy and often alone. From that time on things in my own class went alright too!!! Because I diodn't try so hard to belong anymore, I guess. A quite good time followed! I think I became myself. I did a lot of writing, in my journal but also poems and songs that I shared with others, and i was told I had a lot of talent.
Well the next year I developed anorexia and things got a little bad again!
Well I don't want to make it too long now, i just want to tell you a lot of ups and downs followed, but I now study psychology in the uS (got a scholarship) and i think all the bad experiences actually contributed to all the positive stuff I am doing now, helping homeless people and other outcasts and stuff like that.
Please never think your life is a waste, I now think everything happened for a purpose. there is meaning in everything that happnes!
I never was in a sexual relationship, but I am really not upset about it, i am doing a lot of things, and I think if it is supposed to happen it will happen.
Oh well.. actually I just wanted to tell you I can really relate and pelase never think it is all a waste, it is NOT! You probably have some great hidden talents that you still have to find. YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD FOR THAT!!!!!!!


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