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social anxiety or not?

social anxiety or not?

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Posted by Jennifer on November 27, 2000 at 02:28:38:

This message is not about me, its about my husband. I would like some advice on weather he may have a social phobia or not, and if so, how to approach him about his possible social anxiety symtoms? Whats confusing about him is that he is actually a very loud (almost obnoxious)person, but he avoids almost all social situations. The only situations he dosen't avoid is with his very few friends that he has known since childhood. He describes meeting new people as "stressful" or "work" and "very uncomforatable" to him. He tells me that he hates people. He goes to great lengths to avoid new people. He has even expressed to me that he thinks everyone is judging him and dosn't think his life is equal to others. Through my observations, I have noticed that he does seem very stressed during social situations, he seems nervous, though he appears to everyone else as practically obnoxious. Sometimes I think the "obnoxiousness" is a coverup for his anxiety. He is very paranoid, he thinks everyone is plotting aginst him. He has even accused some people we barely know of this.(he will be very confrontational at times) I don't know if this is social anxiety or just slighty being nervous. It's so confusing because he is in sales, although he has lost many jobs and never completed school. He is very good in front of people, but it seems like its an act, he is not really comforatable at all. Nevertheless, his avoidance of social situations has put a huge strain on our marriage. He refuses to attend any social function that envolves meeting new people or with people he hasn't known since he was a teenager. Please respond, I could really use some advice. I guess I must add he tells me he is depressed and he abuses drugs, everyday.

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