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Re: Crazy, vivid and real nightmares. please tell me someone has been hee

Re: Crazy, vivid and real nightmares. please tell me someone has been hee

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Posted by a friend on May 04, 2000 at 03:31:46:

In Reply to: Crazy, vivid and unreal nightmares. please tell me someone has been hee posted by J.P. on May 04, 2000 at 02:36:04:

I always intensely resisted any drug therapy myself, not liking the high feeling or being out of control, tho I was on Elavil for awhile just to see if my mood changed, as I was totally not in touch with my feelings. I was like a zombie emotionally; tho I could get angry, never appropiately.

I used to have vivid and "real" repetative dreams, in color, that made me wake in a cold sweat in horror and extreme fear. I had no clue what they were about.
Years later I went into psychoanalysis to try to discover what my fear and depression was about, that I did not feel except in the night terrors.

I think dreams are about something we are working on, emotionally, that we have not come to face and grips with in the conscious mind.

I began to look in myself to see what different symbols mean to me and have uncovered the meaning of some of my dreams. A skilled professional that never put any thoughts into my mind, helped me uncover the cause of my depression and the worst night terrors have gone for good now. I began to see the dreams as my friends and instead of being wierded out, began to make sense of them.

I had played with black magic and satanism when a teen ager, and was very abused by people I should ahve been protected by at a young age. That combination created the angst of my soul.
I understand that now. You took LSD, and that has to affect and heighten whatever is going on in your psyche. If you have a trusted therapist, I encourage you to take the journey inside your mind and discover where you are really coming from...then the symbols of the dreams begin to make sense.
It seemed to me that before we learn words, we think in symbols and impressions, and that is sometimes where we are at in our minds when we are asleep.
I don't think the dreams are the source of your fears but are expressing the fears inside you.
Try to embrace the dreams and accept them.
I used to tell my 4 year old son to call me into his dream and I would come in and kill the monsters he "saw". He did do that, as he told me he did, and after that he also saw the real thing he was afraid his case he was frightened of the giant earth moving "cats", heavy machinery.
It was stuck in his mind as a boy as a cat with smoke coming out of its head. I thought he was decribing a dragon from a cartoon, but it was actually a real object his mind had not been able to verbalize. When he faced it, he was able to discover what bothered him and tell me so I could show him it was just a machine. No more such dreams happened.
I think you get my meaning here.
Think about what being in those places mean to you. maybe you are facing the fear of LSD flashbacks in comforting and familiar places, in your mind.
As a kid I used to dream that cars chased me and I never could get away or hide, and they could even go thru buildings to chase me.
That symbolized the abusers getting to me even in my own home as a girl. I was not safe anywhere as a child. When I understood that, my mind quit bringing it up to me...Ihave faced that fear and know I am OK now. No more such dreams!
I hope you see you are normal, just have some issues to deal with, as most of us do...most do not face and deal with the issues though.
I hope you will take courage and do this work to help yourself.
Lord bless.

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