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Re: Crazy, vivid and unreal nightmares. please tell me someone has been hee

Re: Crazy, vivid and unreal nightmares. please tell me someone has been hee

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Posted by Nancy O on May 10, 2000 at 13:43:43:

In Reply to: Crazy, vivid and unreal nightmares. please tell me someone has been hee posted by J.P. on May 04, 2000 at 02:36:04:

What you describe are episodes of chemical unbalancing in your brain from some cause. Your vivid dreams, for example. High melatonin causes increased communication between the right and left sides of your brain. It results in vivid, frequently bad, dreams.
Melatonin is very high in young children, so they are prone to bad dreams. And your brain will construct your dreams from whatever flotsom and jetsom happen to be around.
Melatonin is made from the neurotransmitter serotonin. Paxil raises the level of serotonin, which would, of course, make your problem worse.
Certain vitamins and nutrients are necessary to make the neurotransmitters. For instance, people who are deficient in B12 may hear and see theings that aren't there. They may develop feelings of paranoia and become delusional.
One thing that can cause panic attacks is thyroid disturbances. It can happen with high or low thyroid. Thyroid also regulates neurotransmitters, including serotonin.
The neurotransmitter GABA is necessary for calming the brain. When some people are deficient they have racing thoughts and anxiety. [Health food stores have GABA].
It's hard to tell what your imbalance is without checking your levels of basic substances. One lab that does that, and may know of doctors who can help, is Great Smokies Laboratory in North Carolina.

: just recently ive been diagnosed with panic disorder. ID Like to say that im going freakin nuts, but the doctors stil call it panic disorder. One thing that i cant figure out is the fact that the "panic" episode doesn't last 3-10 minutes, such as described in diagostic literature; im having this weird, unreal, nightmarish feeling for hours, followed by days or weeks of consistent 'weird" and, tingly, almost high feelings. The doctors, however, still persist with the diagnoses of pannic disorder. and also procclaim that im a hypochondriact, which i very well may be. But don't hypochondriacts get sick also? Anyway, hypochondriact or not im stil experiencing blatant symtoms that, to me, go beyond the diagnostic criteria for panic disorder. and this is whee the dreamy, weirdness comes in. Im having what i call visual disturbances. Im not halucinating, at least not in the "by-the-book" sense, but thing get "shaky". Specific objects will get a little wavy (not too bad).
: Now, i did LSD 4 yrs ago, and while i was "tripping" i experienced the same feelings, which included definite panic, a sense of craziness in the world, and things would get wavy -i had no visual halucinations. following the yrs after this adverse experience on LSD i would have persistent nightmares where i would relive the emotional trauma of the bad trip. I dont care if someone says im only dreaming, caues the feeling i go through in my dreams is vivid and exactly the way it felt while i was tripping. So, to me, that just as bad as actually having a bad trip.
: Now, recently, my nightmares have gotten much moe sever and vivid. EVERY time i fall asleep i have a dream where i am in the EXACT location that im sleeping at. If im at my friend nick's house then the dream is there on his couch. if im in my basement,then the dream is there. And, in these dreams (nightmares) Im tripping on acid and ghost are all around me and messing with me. what happens? i wake up abruptly and cant fall back asleep. also, im completley worried that im gonna start seeing things that aren't there although i haven't yet.
: someone PLEASE tell me that they've had nightmae and unreal experiences following their diagnoses of an anxiety/panic disorder. My psychiatrist calls this "panic attacks" while im asleep. Also, these new dreams haee cooincidently come up at th same time he put me on paxil. I stopped taking the drug after only two weeks becaue of paranoya and physical adverse affett, but it makes me wonder if i should asociate this nightmare attack with the pill. ive been off thei pill for a week and the nightmaes ae still there. anyone that made it through this long letter please respnd if you have any advice/input. thanks

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