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Allergy Within the Brain

Allergy Within the Brain

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Posted by Julie on May 22, 2000 at 13:40:15:

Taken from "Food Makes the Difference" by Patricia Kane Ph.D. 1985:
"We recognize that an allergy to specific substances can cause the tissues to become inflamed, with resulting swelling and tenderness. This is visibly evident in hay fever as a person's nasal passages become red and swollen owing to exposure to an inhalant (pollen) allergen. When an allergic reaction occurs in the brain this same inflammation and swelling may take place, but now it occurs within the rigid confines of the skull. We cannot see the inflammation and swelling, but doctors have observed this phenomenon during brain surgery. Brain, or cerebral, allergy can seriously disturb brain chemistry, leading to abnormal behaviour, mood, thought emotion, and perception."
"Marshall Mandell was the first physician to suggest and then demonstrate that learning and behaviour disorders were linked to allergy. Mandell recognized the existence of cerebral (brain) allergy in the 1960s and in 1972 developed the term "bioecologic mental illness" to describe how cerebral allergy and nutritional difficulties were linked in causing learning behavior disorders."
"The first bioecologic (allergy) mental-illness program in a mental institution was established in 1971 at the Fuller Memorial Sanitarium in South Attleboro, Massachusetts, by Drs. Mandell and William Philpott. These doctors found that 90 percent of the patients admitted to the institution had cerebral allergies. WHEAT and MILK proved to be major factors triggering allergic brain responses, but various other foods, inhalants, and environmental chemicals also provoked the severe mental symptoms that these patients suffered. When Abram Hoffer, the pioneering orthomolecular psychiatrist, learned of the ecologic (allergy) involvement in schizophrenia, he found that 50 percent of his schizophrenic patients who had not responded well to meganutrient therapy did in fact have cerebral allergy that blocked their progress in getting well. Research continues to support the involvement of WHEAT and MILK as sensitizing agents in the schizophrenias.
"We now understand that cerebral allergy is not involved just in schizophrenia, but in a very wide spectrum of mental disorders and symptoms. Allergic factors triggering responses within the brain - foods, inhalants, chemicals - can be isolated through testing and treated by avoidance of these antigens and nutritional support."

From Julie- If you are interested in trying a wheat and milk free diet to alleviate your cerebral allergies, please go see The site began for a very severe form of cerebral allergy - autism, but they have a wonderful list of foods that are gluten(wheat) and casein(milk) free. They have cookbooks and links to doctors (DAN! doctors) who may be able to help with orthomolecular treatments.

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