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Re: lasik surgery

Re: lasik surgery

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Posted by Darleen on July 13, 2000 at 14:12:35:

In Reply to: Re: lasik surgery posted by Maggie on April 03, 2000 at 03:55:15:

: I had Lasik surgery in Dec 1999 and was diagnosed with MS in Feb 2000. My eye surgeon was hesitant to do an enhancement because of the MS.
I went to a neuro specializing in opthamalogy. She tested me and my optic nerves were perfect so I had the enhancement. I will do the other eye in a month
or so. I did NOT have any vision problems at the time of diagnosis and I continue to have good vision. I say go ahead if it is that important to you. Just be
sure to get a dr that very good and don't go ala carte. I think a lot has to do with the individual, as you know MS is different for everyone. Good luck
: : : i cannot seem to find and/or access any information from anyone with multiple sclerosis who has had corrective 'lasik or laser' eye surgery. would someone please respond if you have had this surgery?
: : : i am seeing my eye dr. this week and am hoping for some input. thanks in advance:)
: : I have an M.S. friend who is a nurse that had Lasik surgery,and she is VERY cautious about everything. I also have M.S. and I've been told that this should not be a problem by my neurologist and an ophthalmologist who performs Lasik surgery.I plan on having it done this year or next. Good Luck!

: I had Lazik surgery a year ago and already my eyes are as bad as when I went for the lasik.
: Also I have lost the ability to see in lower lighting such as stores or the mall. I could tell you of more lasik problems I have but are to hard to disribe.. I have now read several articles that Lasik is a no, no for MSers.
: Please do a lot of research before considering the lasik surgery belive me you won't get the anwsers from the doc's but from people like me who have had disasterouse results.
: Think before you leap.... Maggie
: It has caused me much trauma and glasses have only slightly improved the problem.

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