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Re: Reply to Bee re: diet & fillings

Re: Reply to Bee re: diet & fillings

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Posted by Talia on July 28, 2000 at 17:48:49:

In Reply to: Reply to Bee re: diet & fillings posted by CIndy on July 27, 2000 at 18:46:59:

: : :
: : : : : I just discovered a website for a diet that is supposed to halt the progression of MS. Is anyone familiar with this? Does it help?

: : : : Hi. I'm not sure what website you've seen, but diet changes have absolutely helped me. No caffeine, very low saturated fat, nothing artificial (especially no artificial sweeteners) has helped me stay exacerbation-free for 10 years, I believe. Look into the "Swank" diet. Even if you don't buy it all, hey, you'll look and feel healthier--what can that hurt? Blessings to you for a gorgeous future.

: : : I have had great success on the Ashton Embry diet, a non-gluten, non-diary non legume diet. In addition to that, I believe that my food allergy intolerances to those foods (and "bad HDL fats" animal and dairy fats as Swank suggests to avoid) may have been caused or influenced by the presence of too many silver dental fillings. (There are many websites on this topic and something for people with MS to consider. However, it is a long, expensive process to eliminate the kind of mercury toxicity that can come about as a result of mercury amalgam in the mouth... if you have it. And I believe I did.)

: : Do you mean that you had all your silver dental fillings removed? Ouch! I have a lot of fillings and I don't know if I could go through that unless I knew for sure that it would halt the MS. But I will try the diet. It's going to be tough giving up all the foods I ordinarily eat on my usual vegetarian diet though. :)

: : Thanks for the info.

: : Bee
: =========================
: Yes, I had them all removed. I don't necessarily recommend this, however, as it can sometimes dump more mercury back into your system, which I think it did for me. You might think about consulting a doctor who is familiar with mercury issues, most of them aren't.

: I am now in the long process of trying to detoxify my body via alpha lipoic acid (Dr. Cutler has a protocol for this). (A person should really get tested for mercury levels in the body via the fraction urine peptide test to see if they need to do something about it, such as remove fillings or detoxify via some kind of natural chelation therapy). It apparently can take 1-2 or more years. I've just started.

: The key to the diet as far as I'm concerned, and from those I've read who've also been successful with it, is to be absolutely strict with yourself. I highly recommend taking the Rast test to make sure you know what other foods other than glutens, dairy, legumes, red beef, fats, etc. need to be strictly avoided.

: It took me almost 2 years to get used to the new way of eating, but it's been totally worth it. The nutrients help a great deal as well. I wish you good luck, it takes a lot of perseverence and discipline, but I love having my good health back and mostly, my huge worries about it are gone.

I always tell people who ask, you can do anything if you believe the quality of your life depends on it. There are still tons of great foods you can have that are low in saturated fat--it's not that huge a sacrifice. Do any of you take one of the ABC drugs, as well as follow your MS diet?

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