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Re: Facet Sclerosis?

Re: Facet Sclerosis?

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Posted by Mel on September 21, 2000 at 03:30:42:

In Reply to: Re: Facet Sclerosis? posted by Diana on September 15, 2000 at 06:54:44:

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: : : : : Has anyone ever heard of this? I had a Bone scan done and that was one of the things they found.Thanks,
: : : : : Kristina

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: : : : Hi i have been attepting to research this for ya, i have found very little except that it is somehow associated with lower back pain or back problems..i will try to access something that defines it more specificaly for ya soon and i will post it...didn`t your doc explain anything about it to does not appear to be associated with MS...but i am not a doctor so please don`t quote me...try asking your doctor about more explanation in his findings and this are entitled to a detailed is your right to know...hey people..anyone else out there have a clue her out...take care Kristina and please keep us has my curiosity going..hope all is well with you...and remember..never let a doctor keep ya in the dark...make him tell ya whats up...Smiles to ya, Mel

: : : Mel, hi when my doc gave me all the reports of everything wrong with me she really did not explain anything. I have since gotten a 2nd opinion who siad I had mild arthritis but did mention what that part of the test meant. Thanks for any inforationyou can find I am also going to see a nuerologist next week and I will ask him. Boy what I have found out so far is you have to fight the doctors for any information, they really don't explain anything unless you keep bugging them, going to work on finding a new doc for a third opinion too. I have a lot of problems, scoliosis, arthritis, and facet sclerosis what ever it is. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it.
: : : Kristina

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: : Hi Kristina,
: : Yes this is true,you must fight with doctors to get answers when my symptoms first appeared in my life over a year and a half ago, i was referred to a knee doctor...who did some blood work and diagnosed me with arthritis in my knees and back...he said it was rhumatiod athritis....well none of the meds worked, except those nice little happy then one morning i woke
: : up and could not move real well...and my legs were all tingly and numb..and i had total exhaustion..worse than any flu i ever had type exhaustion..i felt like i got hit by a big semi and somebody forgot to get the liscense i ended up seeing five doctors... one was a rhumatologist who told me that it was all in my head....and that i was like most menopauseal women he claimed....yea he claimed that my loss of sight in my left eye just had to be a histerical reaction to the begining of menopause...funny he only looked at me..he never even did an actual exam on me....but he swore up and down that all i needed was some hormones and most definately a moderate dose of anti depressants........funny thing was...i was already on hormones through my GYN..and my hubby says why should she take nerve pills she isn`t depressed..she has always been the calm, steady, and most positive person i have ever known . you should have seen his face whe hubby told him was a priceless moment....LOL...what an hubby was furious and took me to a hospital that day..they diagnosed me with...optic neuroitis.. and possible MS they placed me on steroids and i finally regained my sight in a few weeks.but my vision has been blury on and off since my follow up appointment my family doc refered me to an MS/ informed neuologist...who then diagnosed me with possible MS...and now i am on the verge of an updated diagnosis as of this month...yeppers you got to fight to get answers..and hey i do not mean to dis the guys in this message board but the fact of the matter is care for women in the US really needs to be improved ..a lot...because the old fashioned approch to women is still viewed as...we are histrical females with hormone really is time for the medical community to wake up and smell the coffee....and realze that most of us female baby boomers..have worked hard, raised families, and held off going to see a doc cause we feel have to keep going...for our families...and it will go away..and our hormones don`t have anything to do with it!...Doctors also need to start giving detailed explanations to diagnostic findings...esp in laymans terms.. my present specialist spends one hour with us each time i see him and carefully reviews my options, and his findings, and he answers all of my questions... it`s importent that patients can understand what is going on,both male and females have a right to know the facts and a right to know all of the up to date medical and non medical types of treatment options available, as well as a right to choose what course of action you the patient wants to take when it concerns their condition or illness because the bottom line is is your body, your illness and your decision...never do or take anything you do not feel comfortale with but don`t chase after any of those silly miracle cures either..those snake oil dudes are just out to get your be careful...k ...but if you have good informed advice you will be able to make the right choices....hang in there, and keep those boxing gloves on.. and always try to remember to always have hope but to never chase after false hope...and get 2nd or 3rd opinions before you make any treatment decisions, hang in there, and take care.. smiles, Mel
: Dear Mel,
: I am new to these message boards, althouh I don't have Ms my Grandmom's sister died from MS or from complications associated from MS. She started with eye problems.
: I have a complicated medical history. I am a spine patient and after 2 surgeries have rods and screws in my back. I have also been tested and poked and probbed for years to try and figure out whats wrong. It took 5 years, not just to figure out what was wrong with my back, but to operate on it.

: I have been tested for RA, Lupus and ALS and told that I have Fibromyaligia. The Docs say it could take years for positive results. I have had elevated ANA's. Can you get that from MS?

: There are so many overlapping symptoms from all these diseases, which I have alot of. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree. I have often wondered if MS is what is going on with my body all these years. Although they haven't mentioned MS, my symptoms are so similar to what I have read about from others on the AOL Conditions Center (Under MS).

: I have experienced difficulty with swallowing, get face, tongue and neck tingling, difficulty with my memory, hearing, bladder and bowel problems, visual difficulties, Diabetes and heart stuff. Believe me, there is more. Too much to write about.

: I have severe nerve damage from my spinal surgeries, so I don't really know if my neuro problems are just from that and Diabetes or what?! I have had so many health problems since I was a kid. When I read the message boards, some bells rang.

: I want you to know after reading your following up post to Kristina you made my day. I have been through so much, as I know you all have, and I want you to know that I appreciate your words of wisdom regarding the treatment of Doctors. It is our duty to make sure we are as informed as we possible can be no matter what our disease. You can't let the Doctors stop you nore get you down. Get more than 1 opinion. Don't stop at second best! Thanks for your heart felt message! You gave me strength that I have been lacking in my own initiative to go back to my Doctor and say "Hey this is what I'm feeling, now lets get down to business"! LoL Thanks so much, I needed that! I wish you luck and better health! Take care!
: [email protected]


Hi there iam always happy to know that i have made someones day...LOL...i have been told that some stuff shows ya have MS...but not all of us show up in test results with those little buddies in our spinal fluid and or our brain scans...which is why it takes a wile to get a possitive diagnosis..most final diagnosises go by the old symptomatic my specialist claims....but i can tell ya that i also have damaged vertabre in my back from an accident...and yet looking back on the past few years i now realize that the symptoms for me were there i was just to stubbern to do anything about it untill a year and a half ago...i am hoping in my case with my positive attitude..that i can carry on for quite a while... and that treatment improve the attacks i have had...i keep hoping for new doc told me that is the way of life for all of us meaning to support one another, and keep our chins up....and belive me...even i have my days when i put my hands on my head and say...sigh...grrrrr...LOL....but then i shake my head and say..ok..brain time to get up...LOL..but i am a PITA with my doctors...they say it at each she comes...our resident PITA...LOL...and they smile and hug me...if i leave anything behind when my time will be that i gave it the best fight i could ...and that i cheered a few folks up from time to time, and just maybe made someone think of me...and smile...:)...Smiles and thanks for the well are one cool Lady...:)

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