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Re: Some Multiple Sclerosis Actually Mercury Poisoning?

Re: Some Multiple Sclerosis Actually Mercury Poisoning?

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Posted by Rick H on October 10, 2000 at 16:30:32:

In Reply to: Re: Some Multiple Sclerosis Actually Mercury Poisoning? posted by dana on October 08, 2000 at 16:37:48:

: : Dear Sharon,

: : At this point, when you have pains and conditions that your doctor(s) can not help you, it becomes a necessity to try find the cure yourself in a safe manner. The dental amalgam issue and its toxicity to persons is still under review by many scientists throughout the world. It's hard to say whether or not your pains are connected to your mercury-silver dental amalgams. I was lucky and blessed by God to have my molar split in half, exposing the amalgam, and thus giving me more pain. So for me, it was a good indicator, so I could take the appropriate action.

: : But even when I had those increased pains and tingling after my molar split in half, I still had doubts that those tiny little black things in my teeth could cause all that trouble. So, I rationalized that for cosmetic reasons I would switch to the plastic white fillings. I figured that at the worse case, even if my health did not improve, I would at least look better. I was taking a chance, and was experimenting. So, you might want to experiment that way too, and just have those ugly dental amalgams replaced anyway. I would think that it would be an experiment that would be essentially harmless, after discussing it with your dentist. You must know, although, from the last that I read, any dentist who is an ADA member, cannot say that amalgams are unsafe without getting into some type of trouble with the American Dental Association (ADA). There may be some exceptions to that in Colorado and California. I'm not quite sure of the exact language regarding that - you'll have to check into it. Also you should know that, from what I have read, the ADA claims that the dental amalgams are safe, without any scientific backing other than that they have been used for over 150 years. Many other scientists in other countries would strongly dispute that, where dental amalgams have been completely banned. Mercury is more poisonous than lead for human beings, and it builds up in your body over time. You can read more about this on the internet.

: : I have also read that some persons are much more "allergic" to amalgams than others. Everyone is different, and I believe that they don't clearly understand why people react differently with the amalgams or mercury poisoning in general. So, for you it is possible that only a few amalgams could be giving you problems.

: : Also, you might want to look at other natural cures that could help you by changing your lifestyle. That is what I did, prior to having a clue that all my problems were linked to my amalgams. My first change to a healthy diet was to eliminate all sweets and alcohol from my diet (i.e, cakes, cookies, sodas, beer, ice cream etc.). As my pains increased over the years, I got stricter and stricter with my diet where I ate only wholesome foods. I experimented with this type of food and that type of food etc., and at one point I would only drink distilled bottled water. For some reason I found that raw spinach helped me when I ran, such that my joint pain was less. I also found that my herbs were really great through many "trials and errors". I would see how I felt when I ate this kind of food, and how I felt whan I switched to another kind of food. I was desperate in trying to find the right combination of foods and herbs that would cure me of this malady. I never gave up trying.

: : Also, I found that when you are sick, your emotions can also play a part in making you better or worse. It's important to try to not be too stressed out and have a positive attitude.

: : The interesting thing about the laws concerning "natural cure", is that the body can heal itself given ideal conditions. So, you must find those conditions that could help your problem. The problem could be related to your amalgams, it could be a disease, it could be an allergy to a food, it could be stress, it could be a poor diet, it could be almost anything that doesn't fit a normal profile that a doctor would be able to understand. What's neat about "natural cure", is the body can heal itself of that problem even if you don't know what it is, by giving it the best combination of healthy components.

: : So in summary, if you were me, I would do the following:

: : 1) Remove the amalgams for cosmetic reasons, after doing extensive research about it, and discussing the alternative with your dentist. This would also be good, in that you would know that you are getting a known toxic element out of your body. There's a chance and I say only a chance that your dental amalgams could be causing you these problems.
: : 2) Explore natural foods, by avoiding processed foods, which a lot of them essentially contain lots of "hidden" sugar. Definitely don't eat sweets like candies, and cakes etc.
: : 3) Read up about herbs and other safe natural healing alternatives.
: : 4) Continue to monitor your health with your doctor, and let him/her know of the healthy changes that you are pursuing, particularly with the healthy diet (and exercise). Often, even if I figured the doctor could not help me, I would at least clear up in my mind other possible things, that he/she would be able to do with tests. It's smart to use all the medical tools out there, which are in general, medical professionals and changing to a healthier lifestyle.
: : 5) Maintain a diary, such that you can understand the affects each food or condition has on your health. You have to be the "inspector" in this "investigation". For more you record, the better your chances of finding the problem. If you decide to remove those amalgams, don't forget to ask the dentist for a "dental dam" and write down everything thing that impacted your health during the amalgam removal. I found that many strange symptoms happened during this amalgam removal process, further convincing me the link between the amalgams and my illness.
: : 6) As you improve from the muscle pains etc., maintain an exercise program or physical activity that you enjoy (in moderation under doctor's care). Combining this with a healthy diet is important to your overall well being.

: : For me as a Christian, I found that prayer was powerful, and to our God, I would "nag" every day. We are taught (in the Bible) the power of continual daily prayer, to help us. I was going to "nag" and be God's biggest pest, until I found out what was wrong with me. Now, I want to help others, by letting them know what happened to me.

: : I wish you the best with your newborn baby. I hope that you feel better too.

: : If you or anyone else out there needs any more information, please let me know. I have a enormous amount of data about natural healing. I could write books about it, as it was a personal experience for me that was successful.

: : Rick have you considered chelation therapy
: dmps dmsa wich are chelating agents to cleans
: body,brain kidney etc.

I had considered chelation therapy, but because it is experimental also, lately I have decided to stick to my natural treatments of dietary changes and exercise after I had the mercury-silver dental amalgams removed.

There are some that say that chelation therapy may not be helpful, because it only clears up the blood, not all the tissues where the toxins reside. I'm not an expert at it, so I cannot say for sure. But I have also read, that it appears that repeated chelation therapy (in excess of 30 times for example) seems to do the most good.

Just a footnote: Last weekend, I ran one minute slower than my personal best record for the 6.5 mile run (this I do three times a week). I continue to improve. I want to break my record and I'm due to do so. Pretty good for someone that was told by a doctor to not run more than a 100 yards, about 28 years ago. There will be a time, although, where it will be difficult to continually break records, as "father time" catches up with me. But at age 50, I'm feeling great. Sometimes I run so fast in a short distance, that I feel I cannot stop. It's exhilarating to see me "fly" as fast as I did, when I was a teenager. My feet feel like they are not even touching the ground.


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