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Re: no dx yet

Re: no dx yet

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Posted by Mel on October 11, 2000 at 01:02:01:

In Reply to: Re: no dx yet posted by Mary on October 10, 2000 at 09:36:23:

: : Hi,
: : I was just wondering if many of you were told by their neuroligist that ms was ruled out because nothing showed up on your mri or spinal tap? I have been having terrible problems since March 3 rd I was told that I have all of the syptoms of ms by my neuroligist but than when nothing showed up on these test I was told it must be anxiety and dismissed! I was not happy! I made an apointment on my own with a neuro opthamoligist since I was having so much trouble with my eyes. He loked at my mri and said that there was something wrong with the optic nerve. In his report it says there was color blindness in left eye,
: : enlargement of left optic nerve sheath,slow dialating left pupil, temporal palor?. This doctor says none of this could be related to ms. I went to a new neuroligist who says that this is optic neurosis. I am not having much trouble with my eyes anymore but all of my other symptoms have remained,weekness,tremors,weird feelings down legs and arms,numbness,fell a few times dur to lack of balance and no coordination, feeling like limbs are asleep my memory is horrible also. I am taking muscle relaxers for my neck and legs. I've been having horrible spasms in the thighs,feet,calfs etc.and my neck is just in a constant spastic state. I know from reading that it is not unusual for ms not to show up with these tests, my concern is since there are drugs to slow the progression a fast dx would really be beneficial. Will a dr dx you without these test showing leasions?
: : thanks
: : Joann
: Joann,Sounds like you have several classic symptons of MS. You need to fine a Dr. who specializes in MS. Check with your local NMSS,if you need a number try 1-800-FIGHT-MS. They will connect youu to your local NMSS. Good luck Mary


Hi all well it sounds like you are going through what i am also experiancing to the letter, now the opthamologist says i also do not have optic neritis...but let me tell ya this i do feel down because i know this crap is not in my mind and i am sick and tired of being told that i must be having anxious attacts or panic attacks...or that i am getting old so i must need bifocals or estrogen or an anti depresant or something....i am at the end of my last resort and my patience has worn thin with a year and a half of tests and no positive medical inclination towards what docs claim to be possitive MS other than my their minds i am about to call it quits and try to make the most of what i have left at this point..because i have been poked, proded..and stuck into with needles and x rayed to no end...and at first docs said if everything was normal then it must be they claim something must show up to point to that..personnally i think most doctors are full of it especially when it comes to womens health....hey it seems to me that in my state of PA all women must be hysterical and therefore need to take some kind of anti way...i say to these jerk male mind is fine...and my symptoms are not in my head...or a figmant of my imagination and my perimenopausal symptoms are not to blame for this...if i were a man and a major bread winner they would be right there to do something to fix it...i am now going to try what i can to get some kind of histolic relief as in natural and herbal and possibly some oriental treatments....i myself can not endure anouther round of tests....or even anouther spinal tap...only to be told to come back in a year or so so they can try again...i do not suggest this to anyone else..this is just my own feelings here but i have grown weary and mistrustful of doctors period and i refuse to allow anyone to suggest that i take pain killers, or mood altering chemicals so i shut up and don`t feel the discomfort or pain so that the docs can dismiss me.......and forget about me....what i feel is real and this journey has caused me endless tears....there must be another way to battle this illness and fight it....all i do know is that as of yet...doctors are unwilling to help me with a dx other than...possible i for myself am going to try other things....i wish you luck and i hope you do get a positive dx...but if you don`t...don`t let them hurt you by making you think that there is nothing wrong physically...because if the symtoms are there...then it`s real hun...a lady at the eye docs today told me she also walked away from he doc five years previous...only to get a postive dx of ms just last month....only after she suffered an episode so severe she had to be hospitalized..and her neurologist also dismissed her five years ago saying it was an anxciaty problem.....and told her she just needed anti the truth of the matter is this...fight the good fight...but the reality is that health care for women is lacking big time...and male doctors coud care less about their female patients..nor do they is all about insurance...and drug companies and how fast they can label us with a dx so they can get us out of their office....i myself am going to retain a piece of my self respect and fight this as best i can and for as long as i can on my own..please take care of your self, and i wish you the best...but don`t let those docs get ya down..ok...Smiles, Mel :)

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