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Re: frustration

Re: frustration

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Posted by Mel on October 15, 2000 at 00:57:22:

In Reply to: Re: frustration posted by Jeanetta on October 14, 2000 at 18:57:11:

: : : i just feel the need to vent. i am finding out i am like alot of other people out there who have all the signs
: : : but have no diagnosis. because we have normal mri's and lp's we are not sick . well i for one am tired
: : : of this. this non-disease i have has caused 4 separate bouts of ON in 17 mo. because of this i am no
: : : longer able to focus, therefore i can't read but maybe 15 minutes at a time. i used to read afternoons on
: : : end. i am also unable to take hot bathes or showers, or even be out in the sun for any length of time
: : : i also have trouble with balance and there are mornings i can hardly hold the dryer long enough to dry
: : : my hair. i thank God daily this is not a life threatening thing, and i never get ill with God, but the drs are
: : : another matter. if this were 25 yrs ago, people like me would be diagnosed. doctors WAKE UP
: : : there is medication out there to help. we should be entitled to it as well. sorry this was so long.
: : : THANKS for listening
: : I know exactly how you feel! I am so tired of hearing its anxiety or depression. I made it 46 years without any problems with depression or anxiety and I don't have any now. I went to the neuro opthamoligist yesterday and after a lot of pressure from me he finally said my optic nerve problem could be a sign of ms! He even said that maybe my neuroligst could start me on one of the abc drugs. I see him next Thursday, will post the outcome.
: : Thanks
: : Joann

: Have either or your doctors mentioned wanting to do a Lumbar Puncture? That helped in my husbands final diagnoses. It was stressful but the neuro finally got what he wanted. Husband was diagnosed 1 month ago and now is on disability. He went for 2 years undiagnosed. Good luck I can only imagine your frustration.


I am in the same position this has been going on for almost two years...i am ready to scream...right now i use herbs and ty chi...but i really wish my neruologist would wake up and smell the coffee...because iam told that there are meds out there that could slow down the progression of my illness...and if once and for all...i am not ..DEPRESSED...or anxious...GRRRR...these docs need to stop this crap with us gals...and treat us the same as they would a man...heath care and diagnosis for women leaves a lot to be desired...seems all docs want to do is blame it on depression and anxciaty and shuffle us out of the office...i wish you luck..and belive me i have been venting a lot lately..myself...if anyone out there knows of a female nero on the east coast please contact me.....thanx...and take care everyone..:) smiles, Mel

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