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ms symptoms?

ms symptoms?

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Posted by frank giordano on October 23, 2000 at 16:41:45:

October 23, 2000

My problem is that I have been experiencing burning sensations (similar to a mild sunburn) in my arms, chest, back, and occasionally my lips and tongue for the past 2 years and also I get shaky hands after I get up in the morning.. My face also gets this burning, tight feeling, sometimes more so on the left side and I get a feeling of being nervous. Also, I have begun feeling sensations like vibrations in my calves and feet. I have also started urinating more frequently , every 3 hours or so. It seems the more I think about it the worse it feels. I have had an array of blood tests, including Lupus & Lyme Disease tests, all have come back negative. Also, I have had numerous MRIís done on my upper back, lower back and brain (2, 9 months apart, re-did because of UBOís), all came back normal. Also had an EMG recently, also normal. Iíve had a achiness in my left eye for about 2 years or so, and as of the past 7-8 months, my upper eyelid has been fluttering. I went to 2 ophthalmologists, they said I didnít have optic neuritis, but had no explanations for the ache or twitch. I went to a sinus doctor also, but he didnít come up with anything either. I did have surgery in January 1999 for a herniated disc and still have a low grade lower back pain for the last 5 years. Since then, I notice tightness in my opposite calf, also twitching in the calf muscle, almost like its jumping in spots (this occurs mostly when Iím sitting, I havenít experienced any of these things during the night.). The left leg also seems to be smaller than the right, but no weakness or numbness. Also, I have been to an arthritis doctor and x-rays revealed that I had some arthritis present in my upper spine in the neck area. My neurologist suggested that this could cause the burning sensations. I do seem to have some neck pain and tightness in the lower neck area when the burning sensation in the arms is present. I also went to a 2nd neurologist for another opinion, she thought it was all stress related and didnít even recommend any more MRIís. Another symptom Iíve begun experiencing is the feeling of food stuck in my chest. Had an endoscopy, found GERD and mild esophoghitis. Iím a nervous wreck I donít want to keep looking for trouble, but, I need more peace of mind. I worry abot MS and ALS. Could you shed some light on my problem. Thanks.

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