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Re: be aware that Lyme Disease may mimic MS symptoms!

Re: be aware that Lyme Disease may mimic MS symptoms!

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Posted by J.M. Adams on November 22, 2000 at 00:09:24:

In Reply to: be aware that Lyme Disease may mimic MS symptoms! posted by J.M. Adams on November 21, 2000 at 19:05:20:

Incidentally, for anyone who might like to know the sequence and timing of symptoms of my Lyme Disease (which initially looked like MS) here it is (it may help you to consider
the possibilities and then consult with your doctor)...

An initial spontaneous shaking and twitching of one hand for several seconds. This alarmed me, but it went away almost as soon as it began.

then over the next two months:
Frequent spontaneous muscles twitches in various parts of body including legs, arms, fingers, toes.
Slight tremor of hands (came and went).
then towards the end of this 2-month period, coldness in my fingers even when in a warm room.

A very mild headache (lasting only a few minutes) followed by
Sudden paralysis of little finger when I woke up the next morning. A few days later little finger on other hand did the same. Managed to get them moving but
it tended to happen repeatedly in the mornings and this morning paralysis spread to other fingers over a period of two weeks.

then over several days:
Pins and needles in fingers. Then toes. The pins and needles became a severe nearly episodic burning feel over my whole hands.
Sudden temporary muscle weaknesses in my right arm, and one leg. Exacerbated by a drink of alcohol.
No fever (temperature normal).

About 5 days after the pins & needles started:
Severe muscle cramps in arms and one leg. Stiff elbows and one knbee. Especially after exercise (e.g. after a walk, or lifting a heavy bag).
No sign of any fever (temperature normal).

At this point I started antibiotics and symptoms disappeared about 24 hours later (accompanied by quite a severe headache; the first I'd had since the symptoms began appearing)...and red rings appeared around my elbow joints and one knee.

A few days later, the characteristic 'bullseye' mark of Lyme Disease (dime-sized; a perfect red ring with a red dot in the center) appeared on my hip.

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