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Re: Muscle Twitching...MS symptom?

Re: Muscle Twitching...MS symptom?

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Posted by Judy on December 01, 2000 at 19:49:28:

In Reply to: Re: Muscle Twitching...MS symptom? posted by Huckabee on October 03, 2000 at 16:55:45:

: Sure sounds like it could be MS. I was diagnosed over 5 years ago and have had numerous episodes of muscle twitches and pain in hands, legs, face, etc. - all related to my MS. Numbness (and tingling) in hands and feet and extreme fatigue can often be symptoms of MS as well. Keep working with your physician. As many of us have learned, MS is a process of elimination. If it is not anything else, it could be the MS. Good Luck

: : Over the past 7 months I have developed muscle twitches that occur off and on, all throughout my body.
: : Mostly in the face, the legs, and the ribcage area.
: : It feels like fluttering under the skin and is very uncomfortable. It is not painful, however. It lasts a few seconds and then stops. Sometimes disappears for days at at time. I have noticed my legs sometimes feel weak and shaky. I also have sharp pain in my cervical neck area and mid back area alot of the time, with some numbness of toes and fingers. Could any of this be MS related? Alot of bloodwork has been done and thus far ruled out Lyme disease and thyroid trouble. I also get fatigued really quickly, but its more like an overpowering need to sleep suddenly rather than just being tired.
: : Thanks for any advice anyone has, I am at my wits end.

I know what your talking about when you say it feels like something is crawling on you. Muscles quivering or shaking is what I think I'm feeling. Sometimes it is close to the skin and it feels like a bag of worms are crawling under my skin. Other times, it feels deeper and I can tell it is my muscles moving. Then again, other times it's just a vibrating sensation and I get this all over my body at times. I also have alot of twitches, face, legs, arms , fingers,etc. That how it started for with the twitches in the face and then blurred vision in the right eye. And I also have the same same sleeping problem. Can be sittting watching tv or just sitting in the kitchen and find myself sleeping right there. Have to get up and go take a nap. That's a daily thing for me. Fatigue is really bad sometimes. I have to make myself just get up and do things around the house . We just have to take it one day at atime, Good luck.

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