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Re: Some Multiple Sclerosis Actually Mercury Poisoning? Chelation Therapy

Re: Some Multiple Sclerosis Actually Mercury Poisoning? Chelation Therapy

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Posted by Charles Milton on December 10, 2000 at 19:19:55:

In Reply to: Re: Some Multiple Sclerosis Actually Mercury Poisoning? posted by Rick H on October 10, 2000 at 16:30:32:

Dear Rick and others,

I am looking for some info on the effects of mercury amalgams in relationship to toxicity
that produce MS syptoms. I had read a book by Eustace Mullins several years ago,
Murder By Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America. Anyway I was very ill at the
time and I was doing some research trying to get answers that the AMA doesn"t seem to provide,
namely, cure. At least that is the experience that I have had in trying to find some relief from my
symptoms, too many to relate at this time. Anyway, by my talking about the subject of my ill
health and what the possible causes were I ran into some very interesting information. I am
currently looking on the Internet to try to piece together some current info on the subject as
I have a friend that has been diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis. I told her and her husband
that some people have found that by having their amalgam (mercury), fillings replaced and getting
rid of other toxins in their system or environment, it has been reported by many sources that
people have had moderate to complete relief from their symptoms.
In my research I ran accross the information on Chelation Therapy. It has quite a history and
in my opinion after I had read quite alot of info about the therapy and it's history, back to the
fiftys, with the military's very successful design and use of it, it seems to me that almost a half
century late,r that it is criminal that this therapy is not widely know and used. Considering what
I have read there is a correct approach to the therapy and a more modern apparently incorrect
approach, which trimmed 3 hours off each treatment. The original treatments were four hours
each. From what I have read about the early successes in Chelation, military doctors seperated
themselves from, first the military and then later from the AMA because of reported opposition
from both of these sources. I am currently looking for the documentation of the info that I am
referring to. I remember that their is an American Chelation Association and the first practitioner
I believe was residing in Maryland. He was formerly a doctor in the military and involved with
Chelation Therapy early on. I will have to do some more research for his name and the literature
that they have. I know that I have some of the information somewhere around my place, but I
have moved and can't put my hands on it at this time.
You may already know some of this but I thought that if not, you would like to know about it as
well as some other readers.
As regards mercury and syptoms of MS, I have read that people have benifitted greatly by
getting rid of the mercury in their teeth and other sources of mercury toxicity. I heard that it is
extremely important that the removal procedure is done with the utmost care which means a
greater expense, but lessens any contamination by the mercury vapors which are produced
in the removal procedure.
I hope this is some help to you
Charles Milton
[email protected]

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