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Re: children w/Muscular Dystrophy

Re: children w/Muscular Dystrophy

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Posted by Brad on November 08, 1999 at 13:39:25:

In Reply to: Re: children w/Muscular Dystrophy posted by Brad Thompson on November 03, 1999 at 13:51:30:

: : I seem to be commenting on several messages tonight. But yours really touches my heart. Have you contacted the Muscular Dystrophy Association? They will diagnose your son for free if you cannot pay or you do not have insurance. Find them in the Yellow Pages and give them a call.

: : : To whom it may concern,

: : : I have a four y. o. boy with many medical problems, in his short history. He was born with abnormal large
: : : stomach. At 2weeks old, he came down with asthma attacks. When he was 2 months old, he started having
: : : either constipation for weeks at a time. Or he would have the runs every day. Many doctors believed I was an
: : : overworked mother, and didn't care to help. Because of his stomach, he never really learned to crawl. My
: : : son just rolled where he wanted to go. Because of this I believe that is some of the reason why he has a very
: : : bad waddling gait, speech impairment, and slow motor skills. He also has a horrible temper, for no reason
: : : he will so mad at people, for no reason at all. And also because of his stomach, his spine is curved inward
: : : a lot more than most children. I have been told he has a fluid in the left side of his brain, hypotonia, and skull
: : : plates are locked. If any of this sounds like muscular dystrophy, please write to me. Or let me know what
: : : you may think it could be. Any help you send will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

: My brother has MD and it sounds a little like what he has but maybe a differnt kind.
He has a kind of curved in spine too. He can't exercise as much as normal kids his age and now he has a big gut
and is overweight for children of his age. My mom has him taking some type of energy boaster called "Creatine" something
and it is helping him alot because he has more energy to move and we hope he will lose some weight.

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