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I have a question for researchers

I have a question for researchers

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Posted by Katz Heitmann on November 20, 1999 at 01:46:52:

I'm sort an inventor/scientist. I've been thinking and something hit me. We can create insulin
through biotechnology. So diabetics don't have to die now. Why can't we create dystrophin and
inject it like insulin. It might help boys with duchenne's MD. Or we could find out how the levels of creatine-kinase are
controlled in the body. Something has to tell the muscles how much of this protein to make. If we
could find the hormone that stops the body from making too much then maybe we could halt the
disease. In the body there are always indicators of some sort mostly chemicals. Right now we can
produce as much as we want of anything in the body using another organizm and inject it into the body.
We don't need to take the risk of botching genetic engineering on a human being yet. I think what is
going on is we are missing a few messengers maybe or maybe even the proteins themselves. I
think if we wait for a miracle instead of trying to make the best of the information and abilities we have
right now then the panecea might not work. We cannot cure all cancers but more people have survived
because of treatment. Maybe there is no way to reverse the disease but if we can stop it from doing
more damage then we've almost won. I mean that would be good enough until we do find a cure if there is one.

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