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Re: alternative treatments

Re: alternative treatments

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Posted by Kathy on November 20, 1999 at 10:26:10:

In Reply to: Re: alternative treatments posted by scott on June 23, 1999 at 08:31:11:

: : : Does anybody know of any alternative methods for dealing with MD?
: : : I seem to be mildly suffering from LGMD. I have been diagnosed as having a dystrophic condition but
: : : no specifics were ever established. It is difficult for me to climb stairs and I have noticed some
: : : deterioration in my arms. But, my question is, what can I do about it? Would exercise help? Is weight
: : : lifting out of the question? What about yoga? Would any sort of diet make a difference? If I try to lose
: : : weight should I go low protein or high? I am awful confused.

: : hi scott,
: : I myself have cerebral palsy and am living with a friend who has MD. MD does cause degeneration of the
: : muscles, but there are you can do to slow the process. Yes, exercise DOES make a difference! The same as
: : if anyone else were to go without doing anything, they would get weaker, only with your condition the
: : downslide would be likely quicker and more. I'm no expert, just talking from personal experience. Doing
: : moderate exercise every day, and strengthening exercises for specific muscles will definately help. How
: : much? You will only know once you've tried. It may be very beneficial to see a physiotherapist to help you
: : find exercises that would be especially good and work for you.
: : As for diet, protein is what builds muscle and tissue in the body, so making sure you have enough protien
: : will be good, but just remember to keep a well balanced diet with all the 4 food groups. Fruits and vegetables
: : are especially good for there vitamins and minerals, and variety is the key. Another thing that
: : I have learned is to listen to your body. Chances are if you crave a certain food (other than junk-food)
: : then that is what your body needs. If you have more concerns about diet, a dietition may be able to help.
: : Hope this was helpful!

: J
: Thank you! I had given up hope that anyone would respond! Thanks!
: It was help. I live in a very remote mountain area and I have started to hike everyday to get the
: morning paper and that has helped a lot. The thing now is I need to lose weight, maybe 20
: pounds, and I'm unsure how to die without hurting myself.
: I will talk to a dietician and a therapist, perhaps they can give me more specifics.

: I wonder too then if anybody knows if I should take protein supplemements or of any herbal help
: for people like me. Non-traditional approaches interest me some.

: Thanks

I have noticed if I take herbal supplements that have a combination of herbs (the kind that are sold as helping weight loss), I seem to have a bit more energy and notice I don't drag my leg so much. I have FSH MD and have lost a lot of muscle mass in my right hip, leg, foot. My son also has this type and he has a lot of shaking in his arms. Anyone know anything that will help that?

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