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Re: Please help - question on Myotosis

Re: Please help - question on Myotosis

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Posted by uwe on February 14, 2000 at 22:31:46:

In Reply to: Re: Please help - question on Myotosis posted by Nori on December 18, 1999 at 06:06:04:

: : Hi Toni: Take a look at for a Warning from their editor about the side effects of cholesterol lowering drugs. See especially the effect that the drugs can have on muscles. Good luck.

: : I have been on two different cholestoral lowering drugs (statin drugs - Pravachol & Lipitor)....After taking Pravachol for about 3 months I could hardly get out of bed - the bottom of my spine was so sore in the morning - finally I went off the drug and little by little I got better. I was thinking it was arthritis.Then I tried Lipitor - after only one month - the same thing - tailbone so sore in the morning especially......I have read that a rare symptom of these drugs is Myotosis.......I have no idea what this is.....I also experienced terrible muscle aches and one day could hardly walk more than 15 minutes.

: : When I tell my doctor - she just says nothing! So now wants me to try one more - Zocor - when I asked the pharmacist about my aches and pains and if they would clear up - she said if it's not too late!

: : I don't know what to think - I hate to be non-compliant in taking the cholestoral drugs - but from reading about myotosis - I certainly don't want to get another disease while trying to prevent one.....

: : If anyone has any info on this or think the symptoms I'm having could be Myotosis, PLEASE e-mail me - I'm thinking the doctors don't realize the effects a small percentage of patients are getting from these drugs.....

: : Thanks - Toni:)
: High Cholestral is a symptom of thyroid dysfunction and an endocrinologist can find out if this is your problem...if so, thyroid imbalance is easy to remedy and is non-toxic!

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