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Posted by Noel Sanderson on June 23, 2000 at 17:23:13:

In Reply to: Re: Bornholm Disease posted by Pat on January 22, 2000 at 05:52:47:

: : : Hi!

: : : Perhaps someone may be able to give me some information to assist a friend.
: : : My friends wife has recently suffered very severe pain in the are of her ribs. This pain got progressively worse and she had go to her local hospital here in Ireland. The pain was so bad she had to have morphine to give some relief. Initially the doctors thought she had an infection in one of her ribs but after lots of tests a doctor has told her she has a very rare condition called "Bourne Holmes" Disease (not sure of the spelling).
: : : He indicated that this was the first case he had seen in 25 years of practice. She continues to need morphine and is quite worried about her condition. the doctor has gone on holiday and she and her husband are unable to find any information locally.

: : : Can anyone help with information, even the correct spelling of the ailment would be a start.

: : : Thanks in anticipation

: : : Pat
: : : Dublin
: : : Ireland

: : Anything I say should not substitute for advice from your doctor. The correct spelling is Bornholm Disease. In this disease there can be a lot of pain with breathing. This is due to inflammation on the outside of the lungs and the inside of the rib cage. Also the chest pain can increase with touching or putting pressure on the area. Increased feeling over the area is also possible. Muscle swelling can occur. There may also be headache, sore throat, feeling weak/tired and nausea. Sorry I couldnt find more info for you.
: : [email protected]

: Thank you very much for your efforts and your reply. The correct spelling alone has proven a great help. I have discovered that it is also known as "The Devil's Grip" and it is named for the town in Holland where it first surfaced. It is caused by a virus and although very painful it usually clears in a few weeks.

: Once again, thank you.

: Pat

I was diagnosed with Bornholm about 1984. There does not appear to be any treatment other than perhaps symptomatic help. Few people seem to have heard of it, although blood tests do confirm the presence of the virus that is believed to cause the infection. I have suffered with severe symptoms on and off since 1984, sometimes goinf for months withour symptoms. At other times they are fairly consistent and range from mild to extreme.


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