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Posted by need help on October 10, 2000 at 18:56:50:

I'm not sure what is wrong but my posterior deltoid and left lat are considerable amount smaller than the right side and weaker. The actual point of the prob is at the actual corner of the arm pit on the outside if you know what i mean. Where the arm joins the shoulder.
I only have an aching pain (no sharp pain) and weakness in that one area. My arm sometimes gives out on dumbell flies and somtimes the bar doesnt go up evenly when i bench. Ive been to 3 neurologists theyve done all kinds of tests including the ekg and there is zero to very little nerve damage ( nothing like they expected). The neurologist said they thought it was a virus or "flu" that settled in my arm so i took some time off and it went away. I started working out again then 5 months later of working out at 5 days a week it came back again .I went back to another neurologist and they said i need to see an orthopedic because i can get it to feel a little better by doing a circular roatation with my arm counter clockwise a couple times. They think its a shoulder prob now instead of a nerve prob. Now im at a orthopedic he thinks there is injury to the rotator cuff but he says not for sure and its definately not a "diagonosis". He saw my arm the first time this happened before he sent me to my first neurologist and he said it s in better condition now as it was then but he's not sure of what the cause is. He says that hes seen this happen to a few people throughout his carrer and its very rare. He thinks its a "flu or virus" that affected the arm and shoulder instead of the the stomach like a stomach flu. I don't believe thatis it no matter how hard i try.
Ive had an MRI on the brachial plex:normal
Ive had an MRI on the neck and spine : normal
I go back to the orthopedic on wed to tell him its getting worse again and to try and convice him to give me an MRI of the shoulder.
All he has prescribed so far is physical therapy for the size differnce of the left size and i dont think its gonna do a bit of differnce. Except maybe make it worse. He seems to think its this "flu" and i know its not cause why would a flu come back in the same exact spot again.

Has this happened to anyone else or can anyone give me any feed back regarding this. It's really affecting my workout and carrer goals.

Any help is tremedously appreicated !

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