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Posted by Michelle on October 19, 2000 at 16:23:47:

In Reply to: Can neuromuscular disorders be due to epidural during child birth??? posted by tb on December 10, 1999 at 17:02:37:

I can't believe I'm reading this. Iím not sure if there is any link between us but it sounds like the closest thing Iíve yet to discover. I too have chronic pain and have been suffering for 5 years. 7 years ago I had an epidural when I had an emergency c-section with my son. My symptoms started about 2 years later. First it was just a little "pinch" feeling in my upper right arm, very sharp. After a while, it then went into my Right hand and over to my left arm. The pain was weird though. Sometimes it would ache but mostly just when I moved my arms or tried to grab something with my hand. My first doctor experience wasnít too bad. They were all very nice and tried to help me as much as they could. They gave me every blood test they could think of and referred me to neurologists for nerve testing and sent me for bone scans and mriís. That was just the start to a long and frustrating journey.
After 2 years we moved out of the area, I then had to find a new doctor and explain everything again. By now my whole body was affected. I had Pain, from head to toe.
I decided that maybe I needed to see a Rheumatologist. I had Kaiser then and the first day seeing the doctor he said to meÖ ď I think what you have is Polymyalgia Rheumatic, so Iím going to put you on prednisone and if it works than thatís definately what you haveĒ. Three days after taking prednisone, I felt like doing cartwheels! You never really realize how much pain you are in until it is all gone. Later to find out that prednisone will make just about everyone feel like doing cartwheels! I felt so horrible to know this doctor had given this drug to me to cover my symptoms to make him look good. I was so disappointed!!
After switching insurances I was finally able to choose the doctor I went to see. I went to another rheumatologist. He ended up deciding he didnít know what was wrong and wasnít going to find out. He had put me on celebrex for the pain, which did absolutely nothing.
The next round was to a family doctor who in turn kept me on celebrex but added Transodone (very heavy sedative) to help me sleep. I was so groggy in the daytime the next time he prescribed me Prozac for energy. I left his office feeling confused. When I went to the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions, I had 7!! (including heart-burn and allergy). I decided then that I was no longer taking any of these and stopped the celebrex, transodone and never took one of the Prozac. I will have to say that my pain is exactly the same without all of those drugs!!
Now Iím seeing a wonderful acupuncturist. My pain is still very much there, it never really has gotten better. Iím not sure how my treatments are going yet. What I do know is that I feel better mentally about dealing with the pain. She told me that being in pain so long might take a while to get out. Weíll see.
Being a single parent with chronic pain is very difficult. I would love to correspond with someone; maybe we could figure this out!! [email protected]

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