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Sweating and then burning of the Feet

Sweating and then burning of the Feet

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Posted by Doug on April 17, 2000 at 20:10:57:

Hi there. I have a couple of questions I hope someone could help me with. I have been on a diet for about the past six months. Last fall my blood was checked and my blood sugar was 60. I had been having a problem with allergies and I found out that the allergen was soap and washing detergent. I quickly eliminated these two and things straightened up considerably. My feet were burning at times and i didn't think much of it. I thought it was just in my head. Anyway, I continued my diet and the diet consisted of chicken and soup only. Maybe a few vegetables here and there, potatoes, green beans and thats baout it. i was only having about 2 meals a day and they were far apart. No normal eating patterns. I went to the doctor last week and told her my symptoms. She was concerned about my vitamin b-12 being low. I didn't think to mention to her that I had been dieting. she did some bloodwork to see if my Vitamin B 12 was low, she also did some bloodwork to see about the level of histamines in my body that would indicate an allergic reaction. After doing research on the internet, I found out that low blood sugar could cause these problems and thatr poor diet could cause problems like this. What I would like to know is what is causing the sweating of my feet. I have started to eat regular foods again. I have experienced cold feet after eating and my feet also have cold sweats after I eat. it did this the first couple of days I started to eat again. Could this be Peripheral neuopathy? Are my nerves damaged in my feet? Do damaged nerves cause ones feet to sweat or is it something else? My feet aren't bothered too bad when I wear no shoes. They tend to not sweat too bad when I am barefooted? Could someone please give me some insight? I am so close to being better. Also, how long should it be before I see Great results? I can already tell I have lots more energy and I do not get real tired like i did. My family has NO history of diabetes or any other problems, cancer, diseases , etc. I think I might have been low on my vitamins. I have also began to take a one time a day vitamin supplement. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Doug

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