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Re: toe numbness

Re: toe numbness

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Posted by Tom on June 07, 2000 at 12:46:51:

In Reply to: Re: toe numbness posted by Sam on June 04, 2000 at 13:00:41:

: : I developed numbness on the top of two of my toes and on the base of my big toe on the right foot about two months ago. Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else? Did it spread (so far, it hasn't noticably)? Did it get better? I have no pain, only numbness. The toes still work. But its creepy.
: : Thanks

: I've had similar numbness for about seven months now. EMG and MRI was inconclusive. I,m starting to take a more active role in finding an answer. Others have mentioned B-12 supplements as a possible help. Suggest you look into this more. A friend of mine reduced his muscle cramps through reguler multiple vitamin tablets.

From Tom: I developed numbness on the bottoms of both feet about 8 years ago which felt like walking on water balloons. One year ago I woke up to numbness on the tops and bottoms of all my toes and severe prickly sensations on tops of the middle ones. Last summer my elbows to my wrists were effected and then my hands. However the arm/hands sensations have recently abated and a dramatic change in my feet took place whenI discovered: 1. oversized Rockport ProWalker shoes with DMX technology; 2. gel and foam pads for the shoes; and, 3. thin socks! Now, for the medical treatment: No Dr.would even listen until the episode of the numb toes was reported AND because it happened to both feet at exactly the same time. This resulted in MRI and EMG tests. When the same thing happened simultaneously to my arms my neurologist ordered "heavy metal blood tests" (negative) and then diagnosed Peripheral Neurapathy and put me on Neurontin (100 mg)x 3. I take 800 mg Motrin also. The Neurontin is a Godsend and helps me to sleep also. All told, the various actions and meds have done the trick. Good luck. Also get "Numb Toes and Sore Soles" (or something like that! It shows up on's ad when you do a search for "Neurontin".).

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