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Osteonecrosis - Hip Replacement - Chronic Pain

Osteonecrosis - Hip Replacement - Chronic Pain

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Posted by Bill Gilson on September 24, 2000 at 10:20:10:

In Reply to: Been Helped By Neurontin? Dosage? posted by shammy on July 22, 2000 at 04:04:08:

After using Percocett for about three years with great success it "fizzled out". I can only get
Oxycontin, using three time the amount contained in Percocett and it don't work so great.
Asked for Neurontin and it does help when combined with the other drugs. When a person is
in severe pain they just want something to stop it! Orthopods offer all kinds of nsaids, they are
not of any help, use motrin if you have to, cheaper and just as good. I asked a pharmacist
about Celebrex and he said it did not help the pain in his knees but all these new drugs sure
help the drug companies! I did get some Vicodin ES and it did help but getting more is not easy.
I got a replacement of my right hip and been in pain from the beginning. Many people suffer
pain after THR but the Orthopods tell you to see some other doctor. With all the cutting of bone
and flesh, the pounding on the body it is suprising the surgery works but somehow it does for
some, not all. I often mention Medicine is a For Profit Business and like any other business
profit is number 1. The number of medical errors, about 120,000 are soon forgotten and the AMA
will figure a way to reclassify reportable errors and reduce the known or real number.
Things are not like on television where the doctor's primary goal is to make the patient well, he or
she does what they are contracted for and nothing more. Trying to find something wrong with a
surgery would logically mean something is wrong with the surgery and there are not "wrong surgeries",
only "Poor Outcomes". Death is a very poor outcome but it happens more than we know.
I listened as people talked to members of Congress about what has happened to them or a family
member, you just don't walk into Congress, this requires the help of lawyers and politicians.
Many errors can only be proved by malpractice suit, because it is almost impossible to prove a
malpractice suit lawyers want about $25,000 up front. Doctors are more organized than any other
business, codes of silence work! Finding a doctor to prove his colleague made a mistake is rare.
The Orthopod who did the hip replacement would be the best choice to find the problem but he
will not admitt to any problem. Try and find the problem myself. How do I do that?

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