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Shoulder -HELP - Artery Impingement?

Shoulder -HELP - Artery Impingement?

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Posted by Deb on November 20, 2000 at 22:16:09:

I hope someone will be able to enlighten me to my problem which I feel is becoming serious.

I was injured in a car accident two years ago. I was a front seat belted passenger. My injuries are all on the right side.

The seatbelt went over the front of the shoulder where my shoulder injury is located. I immediately had right side chest constriction, swelling in my fingers on my right hand. Sharp, shooting deep pain radiating from shoulder joint down my arm to thumb, index and middle fingers.

I had an arthroscopy surgery this past July on my right shoulder. The surgeon informed me my shoulder is quite unstable and moves out of joint easily. During the procedure he removed a lot of scar tissue. I have been trying to exercise the shoulder to strengthen it. This seems to make matters worse.

The nerve pain from the front of the shoulder is excruiating at times. My fingers continue to swell and my hand is cold most of the time. I'm nauseated very often from the pain.

Since the surgery I have become very lightheaded and my legs feel as if they are unable to hold me up. It feels like I have a tourniquet around my upper right arm making my hand and fingers pulsate very deeply and painfully.

The past five weeks I suddenly collapse without warning. My head feels very spacey. The most recent episode was on the weekend when I was standing and resting my right arm on a table. I wasn't aware I applied so much weight to my arm from just my hand. It was a normal reaction. As with the other times I suddenly felt faint and both of my hands began to shake. I experienced a deep, sharp penetrating pain into my right armpit shooting upwards. The shoulder and pectoral muscle is still very tender to the touch.

I'm concerned it could be restricted blood flow from an artery in my shoulder area that's causing me to collapse? Has anyone else experienced this, and what exactly caused the condition? How was it treated, or what can I do? I really don't know which movement of the right arm causes this to happen to me. What should I be doing or avoiding?

Any suggestions for nausea other than Gravol or ginger for the nerve pain?

I welcome all thoughts and ideas.

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