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Re: Shoulder -HELP - Artery Impingement?

Re: Shoulder -HELP - Artery Impingement?

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Posted by Deb on November 30, 2000 at 16:46:06:

In Reply to: Re: Shoulder -HELP - Artery Impingement? posted by ruth on November 28, 2000 at 20:47:29:

Hello Ruth

Thanks for replying. It seems we share a lot of pain in common. My ortho surgeon made me an appt. with a neurologist in 2 weeks. I have a nerve impingement somewhere it seems. My physiotherapist thinks it could be coming from the neck. I have my doubts as it happens when I use my arm too much and lose feeling in it.

The insurance co. I have to deal with has refused to abide by their code to provide medical treatment to an injured party. They have done nothing but cause more stress by disputing all my injuries. I have nothing in my medical history as a pre-existing condition. It's been a constant battle with them. Travelling, tests, specialists
( private clinics ) all come out of my pocket. I was a belted front seat passenger, with my head rest up, and my door locked, yet Im being treated as a criminal.

Excuse me, but what is RSD and TOS?

I had surgery on my shoulder and the muscles have been overstretched from the car accident. I would assume from the impacts. The ortho surgeon will be rebuilding my shoulder, folding over and stapling the muscles in the capsule area.

I had been going for acupuncture also 2-3 days each week for 3 months. It proved a very short term relief fom pain. As soon as I started using my arm, the pain would begin again.

I wish you good luck also.

: : Deb
: I too had a shoulder injury from a seat belt 3 years ago. I felt numbness in my left arm and hand. My left hand and arm is cold,blue and swollen,with so much pain and weakness. You need to see a Dr. in Neurology then have him send you to a pain clinic. My shoulder injury was als nurve damage that turned into RSD.TOS, and a damanaged beachial plexus. I have had surgery on my shoulder 1 year after my MVA.I had to wait that long due to the RSD. I have been sent to the best of Drs[ your auto insurance has to pay for them and any treatments you recive] I also recive accupuncture every 3 to for mo's. That is the only thing that has helped with the coldness and numbness. Now they want to put a spinal cord stimulator inside me to help the nurve pain. I feel for you and wish you the best of luck.

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