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Re: peripheral neuropathy and stress

Re: peripheral neuropathy and stress

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Posted by Charlotte on October 03, 1999 at 19:15:42:

In Reply to: Re: peripheral neuropathy and stress posted by Gene on October 02, 1999 at 22:10:04:

: : : I have been struggling with PN for about 8 months. I am CONVINCED that anxiety and stress are the cause
: : : of my symptoms. In my case, physical tests were inconclusive and I was taking all the right supplements
: : : , etc. My job was stressful, as I was teaching school. I had to withdraw because of stress symptoms.
: : : Believe me, they can be very deceptive. The bottom line is that stress manifested in my case as neuropathy with
: : : burning tingling and restlessness in both feet. I have been learning to accept my limitations, and have been practicing stress
: : : reduction skills. This has included a job shift, and I am currently looking at other lines of work
: : : . I would be interested in responses to this.

: : Joe Have you actually been diagnosed with PN? I have tingling in my legs and arms. Sometimes I woke up with my hands actually feeling dead. After ruling out carpal tunnel syndrome, going to a neurologist and having him rule out any proplems with reflexes etc, I'm convinced it has to do with being diagnosed six weeks ago with hypothyroidism. My tsh level was 21.7 If you haven't had a TSH check of your blood you should check and see if you might not have hypothyroidism.

Joe, I, too was under unremitting stress in 1994, when I developed severe burning and tingling
in my feet. My family doctor (after many tests) came up with nothing definitive that helped my
suffering. An endocrinologist wanted to "watch" my thyroid for a few months, in addition to the
suggestion that I was borderline diabetic with peripheral neuropathy. My family doctor objected
to the glucose test the endocrinologist ordered, saying that he considered the test itself to be too
stressful for my system at that time. Up against the wall and caught inbetween the two doctors,
I went out of state to a thyroid specialist (well known in the area where I used to live). In addition to
more bloodwork (which had heretofore been "inconclusive" or "borderline"), his diagnostic workup
included an ultrasound picture of my thyroid. This showed a very swollen thyroid (with multiple
nodules), i.e. goiter with bumps! This surprised me because I had no bulges showing in my neck.

The bottom line for me was a previously undiagnosed hypothyroid condition, for which I have received
thyroid replacement medication for 5 years now (plus a few other things discovered by my own
research). It took about 3 years before I could say that the burning, tingling and numbness in my
feet disappeared. Stress, I was told, does play havoc with one's thyoid & endocrine system --
and should be avoided at all costs. Among other things, I was told that the excess cortisol
secreted by overused adrenals behaves like battery acid in one's system.

I wish you good luck, God's speed, and all thetenacity necessary to refuse to accept less than your resumed good health (which I consider a
birthright!)! P.S. I, too, had to change my lifestyle -- including my work!
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