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Re: Vertebroplasty

Re: Vertebroplasty

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Posted by Janice on July 13, 2000 at 19:45:45:

In Reply to: Re: Vertebroplasty posted by melody on July 10, 2000 at 07:30:25:

: : : : :
: : : : : : : Is anyone familiar with this new procedure for osteoporosis? If so, I would appreciate any info.
: : : : : : Marci,
: : : : : : I have researched this procedure and they inject
: : : : : : a large neelde in the needed area with a cement like substance. I ruled this out for I too sufer
: : : : : : from osteoporsis and fracturerd vertibra and since
: : : : : : I am small framed they said it`s comman this would
: : : : : : possibly break some ribs due to the pressure of
: : : : : : the procedure. Hope I helped.

: : : : : Trisha, do you know a doctor who does this procedure, or a city where they preform it?

: : : : Marci, I don't know if you are still looking, but if so, go to
: : : : On the left side of the page is a map of the US, click on that and you can search for an interventional radiologist who does this procedure in your area. (you can search specifically for doctors who do vertebroplasty).
: : : For those that are interested, my dad is 80 years old and suddenly came down with tremendous pain in his back. He is osteoporatic and it was determined via MRI that he had a broken vertebra in his back. Very few local orthopedic surgeons could reccomend anything other then drugs, a brace , and time. We were fortunate to find a dr who remembered that there was a new procedure called vertebroplasty that was being done by one dr in the boston area. we went to see him and he had the procedure immediately. almost immediately his pain was completely gone! The dr is at the lahey clinic in burlington massachusetts. He said some pain due to the surgical procedure, but nothing as severe as the problem he went in with. If we did not wsee it ourselves we would not have believed it.Lahey has an interventional interneuroradiology department that can send you a book and provode information.

: : My name is Nichole. I too am looking into veterbroplasty for my 78 year old mother. Her GP and my sister are telling me it is experimental and are concerned with any possible complications, ie, paralysis? Does anyone have info on complications associated with the procedure.... She has osteoporisis that caused two thorasic compression fractures. My mother lives in LONG ISLAND NY. THerefore I'm looking for doctors in the Northeast experienced with thorasic repairs as I've been told they are a bit more challenging to repair. <
: : My questions are 1) Risk factors, complication rates to date, any studies on the procedure, statistics, when FDA approved and how long ago. Also, any articles published in JAMA or LANSET and where I can get a copy.
: : I think my mother is suffering needlessly day after day due to naysayers who really don't know enough about the procedure. THerefore, I am seeking literature I can present to my mom and my sister who is a nurse to inform them thoroughly so hopefully we can go ahead with the procedure. ANyone who can help answer these question will be greatly appreciated!!
: : Nichole My goal is to educate them so my mom can move forward. Please help me with any positive or negative infor you have on the procedure.

: : my name is melody and i am a nurse working in an interventional radiology department that performs vertebroplasty. it is an incredible pain relieving procedure. is a great website as stated above, it gives a very thorough overview of the procedure and listing of frequently asked questions. many hospitals do this including johns hopkins and university of maryland in baltimore but so do a lot of private hospitals like where i work. they are not all listed in the websites. just keep asking around. not all the doctors are listed in websites either.
: just remember that as in many cases the pain is complex and there may be more involved than just the osteoporitic back, fixing that may reveal another pain elsewhere. however, in general it is a wonderful procedure that most people feel better from by the time they leave the hospital.

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