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Re: Has anyone ever tried Ipriflavone

Re: Has anyone ever tried Ipriflavone

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Posted by Bev of Virginia on August 11, 2000 at 11:47:18:

In Reply to: Re: Has anyone ever tried Ipriflavone posted by Joan H. on May 27, 2000 at 16:19:53:

: : I forgot to ask if anyone knows anything about Ipriflavone. I've read some about it, and it looks very promising.

: I've just started taking it myself, so would be interested in peoples comments, from what I have read, it sounds good. Joan
Yes, I have been taking ipriflavone since Feb. l999 when I was diagnosed with osteopenia. When my MD. gave me the options between Evista and Fosamax., (Estrogen was not an option because of family history of breast cancer)I looked them up in issues of Worst Pills,Best Pills, a Public Citizen publication (a Nader group) that studies and evaluates drugs, and publishes a monthly newsletter. (I try never to put a prescribed pill in my mouth, without reading about it first.I've pitched more prescriptions than I've had filled) I was horrified at what I read about both: not only did the side effects rule out both with my medical history,(I'm 73, and have a lot of history) but the statistics of Merck's Fosamax efficacy had been grossly distorted.(February l999, Vol.No.2) And Lilly's advertising claims for its Evista just plain lied about. (March 1999, Vol. 5 No.3.) I immediately contacted a Bethesda Maryland pharmacist who had been indespensible when I was dealing with systemic candidasis 20 years ago. He recommended ipriflavone and a preparation he developed himself of 13 minerals and vitamins called Bone Guardian, by Pathway Inc. (Available on the internet Irv says taking calcium alone in any form is dumb since bones of course are made up and need many more elements. Yesterday I got the results from my follow-up bone scan. (I had spent the previous day reading the message board, for the first time,including yours expecting to have to defend my anti-drug position. And wow! did I ever get the ammunition) Anyway much to my joy, and the doctor's amazement, not only was there no decline in bone density, but there was enough improvement that I am no longer considered an "osteopenian." Ipriflavone is in soy beans and to be fair I must admit that I have also increased my consumption of soy products (my cholesterol had dropped 45 points in the same 17 months!) My pharmacist provided me with abstracts of eight studies on ipriflavone, done by independent researchers, (not employees of pharmaceutical corporations) and it does indeed look good. Irv Rosenberg, the pharmacist owner of the Apothecary, has in pre-internet days, been most generous of his time and vast knowledge, (gratis of course) but he may now be swamped.

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