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Re: Fosomax effectiveness

Re: Fosomax effectiveness

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Posted by velma smith on December 14, 2000 at 03:14:54:

In Reply to: Re: Fosomax effectiveness posted by Jacki on May 10, 2000 at 10:25:25:

:I have been on fosomax for 6months and have increased in weight 15lbs In the last week I have developed shingles and in the six month period have had at least 4 stress fractures in my legs with the final number to be determined by X-ray tomorrow including the knee. My legs are now bigger and would like to hear from women who are experiencing some of the same problems. My G.P.
said she had not heard of fosomax causing weight gains when asked the question today,but was starting investigations. Obviously there needs to be some corrolation of the facts as it affects different people.
had at lest 4 stress fractures in my legs : : : I have read many messages posted here on the subject of fosomax. Everybody seems to have one problem or the other with it. I haven't found a single posting that is positive on fosomax. I am taking it myself for over a year without pronounced adverse side effects but without any clear benefits either. I wonder if ther's anyone on this list who clearly benefited from taking fosomax and what is his/her dosage?

: : : Osteoporosis is a slow process. It takes 35 years to reach your peak bone mass. After 35-40 you slowly lose bone mass. Stopping the progression of osteoporosis is also no a night/day turnaround. It often takes 1-3 years to see benefit from therapies. You were concerned about the effectiveness of this drug, have you fractured? If not, then you would think that it is giving you benefit. My doctor told me that it could reduce back fractures and hip fractures. I haven't fractured yet! Good luck!

: :
: : I have been on Fosamax for 3 yrs. My spine has improved from -2.4 to -1.8 which is called osteopenia and not osteoporosis. I truly believe in the medication. However, I did have to take a 3 month break from it because of an esaphagal ulcer after 2 l/2 years on med.
: : During the break I took Myacalcin with no side effects.

: Hello, I, too, have been on Fosomax 2-1/2 yrs. & the only side effect I'm aware of is this awful weight gain. I've always been a small person around 105 lbs & now I'm up to 118, so the only thing to attribute to weight gain is Fosomax. However, my bone density has IMPROVED in the first year after a repeat scan, up 8.5%. The Rhumotologist was very pleased & laughed at me when I proprosed the weight gain questions. He said no, but, he's not taking it either. From many others taking Fosomax, it is definitely one more side effect at around 10-15 lbs gain. I have no other known side effects & tolerate it w/other heart meds. My mother had osteoperosis & I was a prime candidate, good thing I had the bone density test done when I did or I could be in for some fractures. I note some are reporting eye problems, I have not noticed anything unusual w/my sight or acid reflux. Maybe I'm lucky in that area. I'm just wondering/fearful if you will, how long it is safe to take this drug w/out any dangerous side effects. Any discussion on this? Please respond if anyone has read how long is safe. I know it's still in the testing stage, as we are the testors!!!!!I take 10mgs. daily, however, have dropped down to 4 a week giving me 40mgs. Five mgs. daily is used as prevention;10mgs to treat, so my theory is 35mgs. weekly w/be considered prevention, so 40mgs is going to help. Any response w/be appreciated. Thanks Jacki

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