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Trying to obtain narcotic pain meds....need help

Trying to obtain narcotic pain meds....need help

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Posted by Joe on January 08, 2000 at 17:30:34:

Hello,I have been to many clinics and doctors about an acute chronic pain management problem that I have.This problem accumulating over a period of many years of being very gregarious and physically active;from type of work to type and extent of excersize I do.Just recently,my pain and discomfort being highly aggraveted by injuries work related and some sports type as well. I have just recently begun to think that I may have more than a minor problem with this pain, as I have been taking regular tylonal and/or ibuprofen for many years and this without any relief.So I have gone to many clinics and doctors who have prescribed me everything from Beta-blockers to Naprocyn,all without any sort of positive result.The only meds that seemed to help, of course were the narcotic analgesics;ie oxycodone, hydrocodone and an occasional shot of demerol at the emergency room.I also have been experiancing regular cluster type headaches which were treated at the emergency room with a follow up by a clinical laboratory to determine etiology of pain. All this with negative results and all the doctors not continuing any type of irregular rx of anything that really works.I am really frustrated at this and have been collecting all of my medical records to prove this case.I am not after a disability as I want to continue to work and enjoy life with my wife and family,whom, I might add, are also getting pretty tired of all my complaing!I am a t my whits end and have even been trying to use any internet sources/resources also that as of yet have yielded no results and at some financial cost to me as well.I am trying to stay as legitate as i a can. As I said, I have all the medical records to validify my concerns.

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