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Posted by John on January 12, 2000 at 23:44:43:

In Reply to: Welcome to the club posted by john honsaker on January 12, 2000 at 10:02:36:

: : I live in Hawaii and know that there cant be that many places here that can help me. It is my last hope that someone out there can give me some hope to deal with what I am going throug.

: : I used to lead a very active life in sports and used to do a lot of street fighting as well as matial arts training. As a result, at the young age of 42, I have found myself to be living a life of constant mind racking, wearing pain. I have had two knee surgeries and am being schduled for my third as I speak. I am worn out. Yeah, if I could do things different, I would have become a computer geek or something (what I am trying to become now).

: : I have tried to go to the doctors (orthopedic specialists) and after the surgeries, they said that the pain that I am going through will be with me for the rest of my life. That there is nothing that they can do for me anymore. That they don't want to prescribe pain killers because they are afraid that I will become addicted to them. So insted they have prescribed stuff like motrin, ibuprofrin (sp?), and meclofenamate. The problem is that when I take these, they are either too weak or they make me vomit. When I ask them for a refill on pain killers, they make me feel like I am a low life scum (have been on them for about four years now). I am married and work very hard to provide for my family. I hold an upper management position in a company that I will not name. Yet I am made to feel less than human when I ask for help.

: : The doctors say that I may get addicted but to tell you the truth, I have long since asked myself the question; "which is more important. quality or quantity of life"?? I have all but lost hope. I have tried acupunture (150.00 per session), magnetic therapy, physical therapy, ointments, vitamins, lost over 50 lbs (a friend told me that my being 250 lbs was the problem), ,electric stimulation, meditation, and a host of other things. At best, they work for a time but are either too expensive or last for such a short time that it makes it impractical to continue.

: : I used to joke with friends when they asked how I was doing that, "I'd feel better if I was dead". Now I am not so sure that I was far from the truth. I have no where else to turn. The pain just saps every bit of energy I have and makes me just want to curl up and die. I am a warrior but this thing just wears you down. Every day....

: : I have been reading about pain clinics on the bulletin board and am very new to this. Can they help me? What can I expect if I go there? As it is, i have resorted to drinking to help cope with the pain in my knees, hands feet and neck. Is there anyone out there with advise for someone in the Hawaiian Islands?? It has taken a lot for me to just write this (pride), but I cant take much more. I dont want to do anything illegal or anything stupid. I just want relief. ANYBODY??????
: Almost everyone on this BB has gone through the feelings you so nicely expressed. It wears a person out(the pain), and makes one think that life may not be worth living. Although it doesn't sound like you are on very much pain medication (that is prob. part of the problem) you should be aware the the constant taking of pain meds cause a chemical imbalence in the brain. Almost everyone that is on pain meds also take an anti-depressent drug. Its nothing to be ashamed of, doesn't mean you are not mentally on top of your game, it's just to correct for the problem that the drugs cause. Ask your doc about it, explain what you said here to him/her, and if the anti-depressent he/she gives you doesn't help much, start seeing a shrink. Its a very hard thing to face alone and loved ones tend to get tired of hearing about it so often. Also check in here often to hear about all the others that are going through the same thing. No matter how bad you have it, you will find someone here that has it a lot worse and has lived with it a lot longer. It helps keep things in perspective.
: Good Luck and God bless
: John

Aloha John,

I apreciate your letter. Yes, I know now that I am not alone in this. I was up till about 2:30 this morning reading about others and what they are going through. It just seems that there has got to be more that the medical profession can do for those that suffer so. I realize the potential for liability but, good people are suffering out there and very little seems to be done about it. Who can we write to about this? Any ideas?

Anyways, thanks for your letter. I really apreciated it and now know that I am not alone.

Once again, Mahalo.


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