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Re good advice

Re good advice

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Posted by john honsaker on February 06, 2000 at 14:30:20:

In Reply to: I need help, a Dr. mess up my records posted by William V Adsit Sr. on February 04, 2000 at 22:52:12:

: To all fellow pain people I'm in need of help on how to straighten out my medical records,my Dr. and I got into a disagreement over my medications he had me on so I fired him and took my medical records that went back at least ten years even though I have been a patient of his for twenty three yrs., upon looking over them I found many discrepancies that are not correct, now I have to find another Dr. to treat me for chronic pain of the back due to six bulged disc's two of which are protruding inwards rubbing agaist the spinal cord, L4-L5 are fusing together and all my T-series disc's have degenration disease, now arthritis is filling in through the complete spine. Now I have two questions, one is how do I staighten out my records or convince the next Dr. that the records are incorrect. Two is there a way I can have my (now past) Dr. reprimanded for his wrong doing ( I'm not looking to sue or anything like that just get him to admit he has done wrong and to make him receive newer training on medications)? Just for the record for the ones who want to know all this started when I want to change my pain medicine away from the Tylenol products (being I do take alot of them) so I won't damage my liver I feel I have enough damage done to my body now! Thanks for any help anyone can give..Bill --I left my email address so you can post direct to me...

You should take Dr. Witworth's advice. You never want to go to one Dr. complaining about another. It's a bad start. You should not try to punish your old doctor, you sound upset, don't try to get even.
Your new doctor won't care about your records. The only way they could hurt you is if you are applying for benefits somewhere. I wouldn't even bring it up, you may seem like a "hot head" to the new doctor. It's ok to be upset about your pain and to not like the inefficient med.'s he was giving you, but try not to take it personel, their may be reasons why he was doing what he was doing.
I am a firm believer in writing things down for your doctor. He/She will prob. have you fill out a few forms before you see him/her. It is hard to explain your pain in writing while sitting in the waiting room. You should take some time and write a short summery of your care with an explanation of what your daily pain is like now. Your new doctor will be thinking about how he/she can help you now, not about things that happened in the past. There are some legal issues that stop some doctors from prescribing enough pain meds. for people, if he/she has a written, signed statement about all the pain you are in it would be easier for him/her to help you and to not think you are a drug person out to get high or addicted to drugs, etc.
Good luck and Good bless

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